Friday, March 17, 2006

SiLLy MoNtAGe of PixIe and FroGgiE

My darling pixie and I fooling about with a video camera shamelessly at taman tun park by the little stream.....i'd like to say that gardeners were looking on in bewilderment but as I am writing this entry, pixie says 'where got gardeners look...exaggeration....' so yeah...but I am sure if there were gardeners they'd look in bewilderment....

We were making a video trying out for the amazing camera's what to to start????

..very stiff-ly i said..."hi I am Linus...' and then she added I am zhiling...and we started breaking down and becoming more candid...or in other words silly

Having a camera then recording us for the next couple of minutes produced quite an interesting video to look back on in future I am sure, as we just fiddled about being silly and had fun infront of a camera...

... then extracting stills from the video produced interesting and very candid pictures that were a joy to view too especially to ourselves...and maybe to some of our I heartilly encourage you guys to shoot something just by placing a video camera still on a tripod and then doing silly things infront of it with your love one...later extract stills from it, print it as a photo or montage it into a post on your blog....could be a nice momento for you and your loved one...

Have fun!!!! regards...froggie

HOW to extract stills from video...the easiest non-software way is to just press the photo button on your video camera while playing back your tape....ensure that a picture storage disc is in place could capture the video into a video editing software and then use the export as frame note that some photos extracted from video requires a process called deinterlancing...a filter function in photoshop.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Froggie always like to accompany a post with a picture of somesort on top but blogger's process of having to install picassa to upload photo prohibits me from posting pictures from a sorry for my absence...need to get back online soon...very inconvenient to get online by driving to a cybercafe...

Anyway,life's hectic for usual for an ever hopping froggie...and though sometimes I feel that I am overworked and tired needing rest, I still have this anxious feeling of not doing well enough for my as my insecurities creep up on me I will suddenly feel a gush of 'wanting to do' and being human and only able to do so much sometimes frustrates me...then I need to calm myself....I have so much to do i have so much to do!!!!!!arrrggghhh...there goes my insecurities again!!!!

I guess it's about time I spread out my work...I often have work that do require assistance and I am trying to build a team for a tv show i hope to be launching mid year...yeah so if you are keen on joining this industry...if you have experience...come...if you don't.... intern...but do be serious before you come...don't expect movies = little work + lots of me it lots of HARD WORK!!!!

Also require model looking people to cast in the TV show...and also kids in sarawak wanting to be part of a film....




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