Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fiqir fiqir

Asked by my friend to appear in this a thug who loves his hair...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I asked Allah whether there is hope for the country in my prayers.

Yesterday, I went for my usual 4km thrice weekly run at taman tun park at 6pm. Anyone staying around the area will know it rained very heavy by 6.30pm. I was caught in the rain about 1.2km from my house. Exhausted from running 4km but used to the rain I didn't seek shelter but continued walking home along the road.

By the time i got home. I had a big smile on my face. There is hope for my country

On the way home.three cars stopped, the driver offered me a ride home. I declined because I was wet anyway. Two of three cars had the holy quran on the dashboard. One had a pendant with the muslim prayer for safe journey.

Thank you my muslim brothers. We are all one under the abrahamic religion. We all seek a good life, god's abundant blessings and peace. To Allah be the glory.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Malaysia Boleh

we should all feel so'proud'. Malaysia Boleh.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I once said I believe. Allah.

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Don't they get it? It's not about overzealous rhetoric or screaming your lungs out in a war cry at some's about faith...personal...small and deeply Allah. Amidst all the heated religious debacle in my country,Dennis recently asked me. "If you have to die admitting you are Catholic. Will you ?"

I answered yes.

He looked suprised...almost impressed.

I added..."Then maybe it's time to die. We all die anyway...better die for a cause."

I don't understand why am I being prosecuted for wanting to try and be good and by believing in Allah. Maybe it will help if I explain my Allah to others.So they can stop holding false accusations and saying things as stupid as "Allah takkan beranak..." making utter primitive primates of themselves.

I became a Catholic follower of Allah because my grandfather was the favourite child of his family. When his father(my great grandfather died) he was thrown out by his jealous brothers. He was in his early teens.homeless without a penny to his name

He went to many schools....the Anglicans told my an Anglican and we'll help you.

My grandfather refused to convert...

He went to a Catholic school....the priest told my need help,let us help u.

My grandfather ask if he has to convert. Priest says no, my grandfather took up the faith to follow Allah on his own accord many years later.

Today my family still hold the Catholic faith and believe in Allah.

Allah has given me many things...

Sometimes...I do loose my faith...but i keep on praying...even when i have to say...Allah, if you are there...please help me find you.
I am a sinner in many ways.
People get it wrong that it's about being's about being forgiven.
People think it's about an answer...when it is about the questions.
People think it's about one word Allah...when it's all about faith in itself

Why are you dictating my faith...

May Allah's blessings be upon those firing the flames of religious hatred instead of promoting religious growth in understanding and learning from one another. Amen.

This is a the Our Father. The most important prayer in Catholicism in Malay.

Bapa kami yang di syurga, Dimuliakanlah nama-Mu, datanglah Kerajaan-Mu, jadilah kehendak-Mu diatas bumi ini seperti di syurga. Berikanlah kami pada hari ini rezeki kami dan ampunilah dosa kami, seperti kami juga mengampuni orang yang berdosa terhadap kami; dan janganlah membawa kami ke dalam pencubaan, tetapi lepaskanlah kami dari pada yang jahat. [Matius 6:9-13]

As you can see my friend of other religion...the prayer that I say above regularly is simply a pray to honour him and his kingdom, to ask him for his blessings, to forgive those who have sinned against me and to ask from an escape of prosecution.

I do not want to convert a Muslim...God is for him to find...and it is not for me to judge if he finds the right God.

I once said...i believe and i always will.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I simply love this bunch of cavemen!Here see them finding fire....

building stone hedge

and fighting a kung fu dinosaur!!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today over lunch...a friend showed me a message from another friend.

Half an hour ago... XXX(name withheld) passed away.

and when i asked why...another text message came in.She had committed suicide.No other facts known at this point.

Well, I don't know how to feel. I feel sympathy for my friend to whom she was dear to. And I wondered what would have been so bad as to drive someone to depression and then to take her life.She was a young girl only 24 with a whole life ahead of her . Later I found out she committed the act because a boy whom she love is behaving oddly.

Suicide is a major sin in most religion from Islam to Christianity to Judaism to Buddhism to Hinduism. see here.

I know how frustrating life can be and I like living ready to die, as not be be abruptly cut off when my time is up but but i find it quite sad that there are people who are so insecure about themselves or so unhappy to the point that they'll kill themselves. In this case I also find it equally sad that people have no sense of another's feeling even when in a relationship that they'll do something to hurt the one they are supposed to love...

Maybe I am blessed. To have friends, to have a life which makes me have work that I feel is worth doing.

On the departed's facebook wall, there's a flood of well wishes and rest in peace...but honestly...aside from comforting the grieving, what's the point now when a life has been lost.So I think in her memory it's more important to put something possibly help anyone contemplating anything similiar...

Friend...should life ever get the better of you and you feel like ending it don't...for life to get have to stay alive. If you feel particularly nasty...and the thought has crossed your mind, go to a window...look upon the sky. God, your creator is there.

Say this simple prayer...

Lord. I am unhappy and sad.please help me and bring comfort to my hurting heart.Please help me see joy and wonder where there is now but pain and anguish. Lord help me your child.

Also call your friends...and talk things over.Very often...things are not as bad as they seem.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Bukit Tabur East. Again, in Majesty's Threshold

It's a funny thing in the morning when you are so hesitant to wake up and the thoughts of clambering up a hill at that hour just want to make you resign back to bed hugging that pillow. I have many a times felt that way. But I gradually make myself get up and brush off the night's lazy comfort and take my bag again ready to venture into yet another jungle and climb another mountain. Sunday, we were going up Tabur East. Approximately 1000 feet.

At the begining, I was still cursed with a few yawns and dragged my foot a little to get up and be on my way but as the adrenaline gradually kicked in. I felt so alive. Steep inclines that annoyed me as I had to push my way up now became a fun challenge.

Tabur East was much more challenging that tabur west and posed more death traps; edges where you could fall off to oblivion aplenty and sharp ragged limestone crystal rocks to cut you on the way down. I relished it.Didn't quite feel much fatigue as the promise of rewarding sights above supercharged me.
And it was majestic...beyond words as usual.
However, there were some rubbish strewn about even at this high altitude to remind me of the sad society that i live in. Come on people...the sweet wrappers does not weigh anything...just put it in your pocket and carry it down with you. Otherwise...may any pontianks on the mountain curse you to a deserving death from falling on your next visit.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Are There no More Good Samaritans?

Are there no more good Samaritans?

Please be warned the following video is very gory.It's of a cop dying on the street after his two legs were cut off. Two ministers of state were there but did little to help. It's taken from NDTV.

Friday, January 08, 2010

My Freedom to have Allah

My name is Linus Chung. I am a Catholic, has been for 29 years and will be.

I respect the Muslims and have many friends who professes the Islam faith.
But please respect my freedom to choose my spirituality and to call my God it Micheal Jackson, Mahathir or even Allah.It is the search for spirituality that is important and not the definition.Religion is just a language to understand Godliness and is not Godliness itself.

Nama saya Linus Chung. Saya beragama Katholik untuk 29 tahun dan akan terus beragama Katholik. Saya menghormati orang Muslim yang menganut agama Islam. Saya mempunyai ramai kawan Muslim. Saya meminta agar mereka menghormati bahawa saya mempunyai kebebasan memilih agama saya dan boleh memanggil Tuhan saya dengan apa apa nama sesuka hati saya biarpun ianya Micheal Jackson, Mahathir atau Allah.

Yang pentingnya kami semua mempunyai kepercayaan Tuhan bukan sekadar melawan satu sama lain kerana satu perkataan. Agama itu adalah satu cara untuk mencari Allah dan bukan Allah semata-mata.

My name is Linus Chung. I am a Catholic, has been for 29 years and will be. Problem is I am a Catholic in Malaysia.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

We are hiking Tabur East.

Challenging for some. I know friends who have vormitted.
Easy for others.I know friends who call it a piece of cake.

We shall meet at 9, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman 2,Taman Tun Dr. Ismail at 5.45 am and carpool to the site (20 mins drive).

We start hike at 6.30 am.

Please bring a good attitude, torchlight,a bottle of water(at least 1 liter) a change of clothes, your own breakfast(you can bring extra to share with new friends on the hike) and some bandage for first aid.

**optional** Please bring a small bag to help collect any small rubbish along the way and help save our environment.

The hike is free and at your own risk. Kids under 21, please get your parent's consent. RM 10 per person will be charged for petrol cost to be given to drivers.

We are limiting this trip to a maximum of 10 people.

Trail organiser is Linus Chung. call 0129331415 for more info. No sms will be entertained.Please note that confirmation cannot be cancelled without a good reason(i.e. family death or your death) or you will be blacklisted.

Trail lead is a new friend named Mr. Lim.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Frog 2 : Updates 1

Some more pictures from Frog 2.



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