Friday, December 10, 2010

Hold My Hand. Micheal Jackson

This is Micheal Jackson's newly released music video....and a new song.

I think this is absoultely gorgeous and the King of Pop is so alive in spirit and good will...someday, if I die and have left something so beautiful behind...I'll smile to myself in my grave knowing that I have done well...thank you micheal, you are truly a legend...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Hope My New Film 'Prayer' Provokes People

I am sorry I have been away again from this blog. I have been busy dividing my day between client work and a new short film entitled Prayer.

Prayer is a my own personal response to how sad the state of affairs is in my country; a country that is quick to declare religious tolerance in its tourism brochures and yet it has, in the span of a year, demonstrated its intolerance on more than one occasion.

I respect Islam. How can I not when many of my friends are of the Islamic faith. In fact, Muslim law considers Jews and Christians 'protected people'(dhimmi)and does not encourage their conversion to Islam. Muslim persecution of the dhimmi was not only forbidden by Islamic law; the Prophet also warned: 'He who wrongs a Jew or a Christian will have me as his accuser on the day of Judgement!'

So how can the modern, educated, so-called peace-loving Muslims in my country be so ignorant as to torch a church over the Christians' use of the word Allah. Do they not know the word Allah is derived from the word al - 'the' and ilāh - 'God'? Allah simply means 'The God'. I am not picking on all Muslims, mind you. The Catholic faith has had, through the centuries, it's fair share of faults. It's just very sad to me that many are quick to be outraged and slow to learn about their religion and to actually pray.

When I asked a close Muslim friend of mine what she thinks of Jesus, she answered: 'I will not be a good Muslim if I don't respect Jesus for he is a prophet in Islam.' I teared immediately at her answer.
So what is my short film prayer about? Am I trying to provoke people?

When asked, I tell people that my new short film is about 'a ten year old girl going on jihad'. Almost immediately, I can see a weird expression on their face. To them, I may as well have said 'ten year old suicide bomber!' and admit to being the next Namewee. Somehow the word Jihad is synonymous with Terrorist. Actually the true meaning of the word Jihad means 'religious struggle'. Something I go through everyday as a Catholic, and something any God fearing person of any religion should go through in their journey of faith.

Insya-Allah, my new film prayer will provoke people... provoke them in a good way, and inspire them to pray for peace, hope and love. I think our country Malaysia desperately needs it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yes. Among my many hobbies, I keep cockroaches. I love them. I've kept cockroaches when I was young.Before the onset of playstation resulting in the stay indoor(perpetually forever infront of the LCD) kids nowadays, we kids back then had to amuse ourselves with various hobbies we would create.While some collected stamps and some that make jump rope out of rubber bands, I was the kid who tried to keep any little critter he finds in a bottle. The weirder the critter the better! So when my friend Dennis told me a few years back that he was breeding cockroaches...I was over at his house in a heart beat to see his cockroach collection. Then I couldn't resist but to start a 'cockroach box' of my own. What is a cockroach box? Well it's one of those RM20 plastic boxes for storing any miscellaneous items. We throw a few egg crate in to make a comfortable living area for our cockroaches and use it to store and breed them.

And whenever we want to spend quality time with our cockroaches, we simply open the lid and dip our hand into the box. The little dearies will immediately crawl up our hand lovingly.

Many of you probably think the cockroach box would stink.Well, in actual fact it doesn't.Just like any animals or humans...cockroaches stored ina clean environment and eating a healthy diet does not stink. The homeless prostitutes in Chow Kit probably stink but you don't stink do you? Get the picture? My cockroaches live on a diet of 'koko-crunch' and apples.

So why do I enjoy this hobby? Well there is something weirdly satisfying about opening your cockroach box to 1000 critters running about happily that makes it all worthwhile...also it is an awesome conversation piece.

Here are more pictures of some of my six legged dearies!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Drinking Monkey Pee

When any friend of mine look sad...I would always say ..."the best remedy is to drink and swim in monkey pee!" At this point they give me a weird stare. I mean it really...I am not a certified dietician and am not qualified to advise anyone on this but I believe drinking monkey pee, rotting leaf tea,fish shit and mud regularly really revives me...all these important nutrients for nourishing a more lively life is amazingly free and found in waterfall water. And true to that, me and my friend try to go for a dip in the water almost weekly! Here are the photos of my water convince you guys to try these therapy too... It's really as fun as it looks in these photos!

Here I am dipping in the famous agua azul in mexico

My dog always 'enjoys' the water with me.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Painting. Try it

My girlfriend Carol cannot figure out how I can just sit and paint for hours; seeing I cannot wait a minute in traffic without my blood boiling. It's simple. Painting is incredibly calming and relaxing and I really urge any of you who have never tried it to pick up the brush and try it.

First, find a subject matter that you like to observe and paint. I reccomend something simple for first timers.

For my latest painting, I decided to paint a jungle scene from a hiking trip. It's a picture of a ginger flower growing in the midst of vines. Now this is the painting process.

Determine the composition of the entire painting. I never really draw with a pencil, I simply lay out all objects with a simple brush line. I then start by painting the shadow area dark.

I typically fill up the background first, so that I don't have to paint in the background in between the foreground later. As a general rule of thumb, use more subtle colours in the background so that the foreground will stand out.If you need to use a strong colour like RED in the background, I suggest lowering its intensity by diluting the paint with water or mixing it with a dull colour.
Also you can paint the background blurry as if it is 'out of focus range'. To blur the background simply omit details in your subject and paint it more liberally with blotches and no sharp brush strokes.

After the background is done, I start on the forground subject. With every painting, I am faced with new challenges to create the image by combining paint. There is no answer as to how to do this aside from experimenting.Your technique will develop as you gain familiarity with the brush and experience handling the paint. Also, sometimes you have to paint something in a few layers. What this means is simply painting multiple layers of colour that combine to become the richly coloured final layer. How do you do this?
Paint one layer of colour.Let it dry and then paint another layer on top, thinning the top layer with more water so it will have a transparent quality where you can see the bottom layer through the top layer.Look at the leaves two leaves. This is layer 1.

Now look at the same leaf after a few layers.

I was having trouble figuring out how to paint the main subject, the ginger flower.
Many at this point will give up. The best advice I can give here to anyone is to just proceed.Unlike colour pencils or crayons; with acrylic paint, you can always cover the bottom layer completely and redo a mistake if you do not like what you have done. Also sometimes, brush strokes that may not look 'correct' at the start will look much more better and 'correct' as you progress and you can see the picture as a whole.

Once you reached this point where the entire canvas is painted, sit back and take a look at your painting. Looking and criticizing yourself is a good way to teach yourself new techniques and fine tuning your painting skills.
Also start detailing the picture and believe you can make it better.

Although I have a proper easel and painting space; I much rather just use a chair to prop up my canvas and paint in my living room with my television accompanying me in the background. Other than that, you'll need a canvas (easily purchased in an art shop in one utama or ikea) and some paint. I typically use only four colours. Titanium White, Cadmium Red or Scarlet Red, Cadmium Yellow and Prussian Blue. I mix all my colours from these four basic colours.I do not use black. You need a brush and any bottle to hold some water and a board for a palette. the entire start budget should be in the range of RM 50 including canvas. The pet snake(notice sofa arm rest) is optional.
I hope you enjoy painting. =)
any question do ask in the comments and I'll respond.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Democracy Is You

Hello everybody.

This is Linus, the director of house. I am here to personally invite you all to view a video I made about Democracy entitled 'Democracy is You'.I am sure you will enjoy it.

When I heard of the call to make a video about Democracy, I decided to make a video that will hopefully educate children on the values of democracy, while reminding us adults why it is so important to uphold it. I hoped to portray a childlike innocence in my video; if only we look at problems in a manner that is both open minded and unbiased, a very simple solution could often be found.

It has been selected as the top 18 video in the world out of 700 videos submitted for the Democracy Video Challenge. View it and if you do like it, please help me by voting for it.

To watch it either click here


1.Go to
2.Log into your youtube account on vote.
4.On the small search bar for video, type is the title. 'Democracy is you'
5.The video will it, watch it and vote by pressing the green thumbs up.

6.You can vote once everyday so if you can vote for it daily...

...with your vote, it could possibly be number 1.It is a democracy. Your vote count. thank you.

Please also do tell all your friends by posting this link on facebook,blogs,twitter or wherever....thanks.

Warm regards.
Linus Chung

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

bloody brilliant

I think this is damn bloody brilliant

LUIS from diluvio on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Trail Trackers Classic

For awhile we've been slowing down our weekly hikes to discover new waterfalls...but the good news is...

Aurelius is back to be the organiser of our trips...he being the unquestioned best organizer of the group...complete with his demands."Linus.where is my report on last week trip?"he growled.

Our trip today is to Lawing Falls.

It has all the hallmark of a classic trail tacker's trip...

First the narrow village road where all our drivers hold their breath as they trash their 'not so 4 wheel drive' through the thick undergrowth.

Then there's the human trashing through mosquito and leech infested jungle.

There's spotting nature at its best.

There's getting lost...

There's the friendly orang asli laughing at us for getting lost...

There's needless camwhoring...

and there's the thrill in flying!!!

also we have introduced something new, we pick rubbish left over by other idiots...our tribute to nature we love so much...

Lets all do our part in conservation....

U can join trail trackers but all trips are at your own risk...and no whining about long treks =or leeches.Add in comment...'i want in' with your email, details on who you are and why we should let you join us I'll contact you.

Monday, May 03, 2010

die sum die!

Sum: Goodnite...I need to go...borther has school tommorow.....

Linus: Okie...Goodnite...

Sum and brother exit door. I proceed to the kitchen to prepare food for my dog...ten minutes later I come out to feed dog....sum is still outside my gate.

Linus: Anything wrong? (thinking something is wrong with his car)

Sum: Oh...nothing....just killing some snails....

Linus: You killed my snails!!!!???!!! FU((&YIMUI&IMI&I$UBRGFHJNUIN$EU%!!!!???!!!!

Sum: they are your snails?

Linus: Yeah...I feed them...


Sum proceed to pick something up from the middle of the road...

Linus: what are you doing?

Sum: Some of them are not yet dead...

Linus: Then???

Sum: I put them in the middle of the road hoping to watch when cars run over

Linus stands baffled for a while....

Linus: ...u know how you said you get bullied sum??? It could be karma...

Sum: what you feed them?

Linus: Vegetable scraps from my kitchen!!!!

Linus: my poor snails....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

tuberoses...her favourite flowers so many ways...i wish you were still share your infectious smile and your wise and yet funny view of the world...hope you are having a good time in heaven...and thanks for everything yet again...i still miss u.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dear Mc Donalds....

Mc Donald is everyone's friend....we all roughly know the words to his song....Mc D-O-N-A-L-D-S...Mc D-O-N-A-L-D-S I thought I'd write to him and tell him that his burgers are not up to par these days....

Well...the busy Ronald can't really be faulted as he does have a busy day making us all happy...and not to mention healthy, with his invention of reputedly 'wholesome' recipes. So, I decided to just tell him in case he was unaware of the recent drop in quality control....

The note read as follows....

Dear Ronald Mac Donald,
As your friend, I just thought I'd tell you that some of your products need more quality control....either that or you have one awesome photographer....cheers.


Do you guys wanna tell Ronald anything too? Let's speak up!


Saturday, March 06, 2010

DAY 1 : Stong and Jelawang Hike : Nik Aziz's country here we come!

Trail Trackers made our first camping trip of the year from the 25th to the 29th of February 2010. It was a trip to Gunung Stong in Dabong Kelantan. 11 people went for the trip, original number was 12 but 1 pulled out. The trip started with a KTM ride up north to Nik Aziz Country.
I've always loved train ride and the buckling of the train on its track that seem to annoy many is part of the romance of sleeping in a train cabin. I also like to squint my eye and let the light from outside that stream through my window become diamonds floating in the night sky.With that i slowly fade into a blissful night sleep and awaken to a misty morning at a small train station in kelantan. A picture of Nik Aziz and a ridiculously cheap RM2 but very good dish of Nasi Kerabu Daging welcomed us...After that we had a tour of three caves named gua Gelap, Gua Pagar and Gua Keris. The caves weren't particularly outstanding or interesting, just your typical serving of stalagmite, stalactite and various cave dwellers like crickets and spiders. After the caves, we proceeded to Stong Resort, the starting point where we begin our climb up to baha camp at the top of jelawang falls.
Within minutes of our climb, we were exhausted and honestly half an hour hiking uphill carrying our 20kg backpack really showed us how unfit we city folk are. I really must workout more. But the waterfall infront of us at the half an hour point looked magnificent and you do get somewhat charged up for the trek ahead. However, the worst was yet to come,the trekking pace became unbelievably bad towards the end of the two hours. Myself, Eddie, Sum, Henry were resting for 5 minutes every time after walking barely three. However nobody gave up and we all managed to get to base camp which was a rather nice spot with a great hilltop vista and nice pools where we can dip.
The day ended with a good game of werewolves at the ledge of the waterfall under the gaze of a full moon...



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