Monday, October 23, 2006

Fat Froggie Croaks!!!!


Finally I posted my first video online....and finally there's a real frog croaking on is a painted frog or also known as a chubby frog (Kaloula pulchra), one of the four I have in a 3 foot aquarium they share with two green paddy frogs. They've been around as pets for two years already(if you check, they appeared on pictures in my blog way back in January 18 and 27, 2005) and I love them the most, amongst all my other frogs because they are non-aggrssive, give me the most pleasure in observing and children simply adore them. The don't jump as much, but they can jump quite a distance when they want to...them charging up first by tensing all their muscles before a leap and landing with a plop is hillarious.

As I am writing this, a friend told me that she is scared of and doesn't like frogs...I think that's a great misconception. Frogs are nice and they don't do anything wrong. They are not dirty and 'being ugly' is often a matter of personal taste. Hey, ever thought that they may not think much of your looks too? I have seen 'loving mothers' beat to a pulp a frog that was unfortunate enough to hop into the presence of that...that... more accurately described as horrid beast of a woman.The irony is...that same horrid beast of a woman would later buy a golden plastic frog to place on a shelf to better the feng shui.I wish she gets reincarnated as a frog so some other woman can beat her... :P

Frogs are generally harmless and handling them probably pose more harm to them than you.Our skin are thick so germs probably can't penetrate and it'll be okay if we just give our hand a good wash after before eating anything or licking our fingers in weird fettish. For the frog however, our rough and warm skin can hurt their smooth wet skin and disrupt their cold-blooded system. Touching a frog probably feels like the reverse of having a doctor's cold cold stethoscope pressed on your warm chest...and now imagine if that stethoscope is larger than'll be quite a shocker no? So do run your hand through some tap water and cool it down before grabbing a froggie friend...

...If you are thinking of starting a hobby keeping frogs...i wholely encourage it, as it will better your understanding of them,animals and nature. But please do care for them properly and be whole-hearted and commited as a petkeeper. Don't neglect your pets...they are living animals capable of suffering.If you ever give up on your kind enough to bring your froggie to a clean stream for him to go back into the wild or call me up and I'll do it for you...don't just chuck him in a clogged polluted drain.

For more info on the care of painted frogs check out

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Fake Wedding

click on image for larger view of montage

I always wanted to make films and i am happily on my direction there(to be a fully estalished filmmaker able to tell any stories of my heart) Along my journey, I once worked as a wedding videographer for couples to earn my keep while persuing my still distant dream.From weddings, I honed my skills till i was an event videographer and from there I hopped over to corporate video and commercials. So it was quite an irony(coming full circle?) when i directed a commercial over the last weekend that required me to set up and shoot a wedding scene, the concept being the product is so good, you'll want to marry and fully commit to it!

When i first heard the concept over the phone, my first reaction to it was ??? then hahaha...but then i thought the corny idea actually posed a welcome challenge for me to test my skills, as in what can i do to make the idea workable and do what it is suppose to, sell the cosmetic product.

So there are two ways to go about, go all out tacky like the gatsby commercial with the clapping hair which i simply adored...or go neo-realist as in try to make it as real aside from the slightly fantastical idea...I decided the later. I threw out a church wedding as one, the limited budget doesn't permit a large number of extras and if I wouldn't be able to fill the pews of an entire church and thus lacking the scope defeating the purpose of a church.I decided and sold the idea of a small wedding...a modern garden one beside a pool of japansese carps...that way the location lends to a beautiful imagery and also limits the number of extras I need to make the place look filled up. I used a jib and a track to make a descending and reversing camera to capture the best man's(who people will mistake as the groom) smile before slowly going back into a full shot with dropping petals, cheering friends and the bride standing staturely in the middle of the screen.

I had wonderful extras who applauded wonderfully and on cue. And God was kind to give me good slightly cloudy sky lighting that wasn't too harsh so I only had to add a little bit of light to compliment the look for the first shot.

The second shot was just as easy but huge sheets had to be stretched across the pond this time as we were dropping confetti from above and we didn't want any expensive japanse carp to devour and die from it requiring a cost in reimbursing a fish. It was quite hard to stretch the big piece of plastic over the pond with crews didn't want to jump right into a pond. I was so wanting to just jump into it and do it while enjoying the swim inside but as a director overlooking everything I can't...ah well....

So here are the screenshots of my latest work...(not the full commercial the opening and closing shot)leave a comment on what you think? the bottom pic is a shot of the entire production crew and talents.



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