Wednesday, September 06, 2006

goat and wild berries

walked a stubborn goat, brought a fussy cat to the vet, cycled around her neighbourhood picking wild berries,

the following is an excerpt from my previous blog on Sept 04....
I was actually queried...walked a goat? wild berries?
Well...Yes and are the pictures...
goat and wild berries...believe it or not...they still exist!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Pixie to the USA

click on picture to enlarge...zhiling at custom checkpoint KLIA

It's been almost two weeks since Zhiling left for the states(21st August).The first two days were she was on a flight and was uncontactable...i could only send my thoughts and wishes to the stars hoping that feelings can fly through the air and go fast enough to chase after a jet. When she finally got there and had the opportunity to call me i missed the call, cause I was in the cinema...and when i got news from her dad she called...I run out as fast of the cinema to call her back.Unfortunately, all I got was an answering machine as she was already in part of her orientation programme.

Honestly i have to say I miss the hugs, cuddles and kisses...but the relationship is going well. We exchange daily reports on email and lots of IDD phonecalls and have so many photos that physical touch is the only depreviation and if I can't live without that maybe I am just plain old 'ham-sup'(horny). But in short, I am happy as it seems like absence makes the heart grow fonder applies for us rather than 'Out of sight...out of mind'

Some of my friends say that long distance is hard...and if can go through...sure married one...well...errmmm....hmmm.... :)

Zhiling and I had a wonderful year fact she left exactly a year after we first met.We were a couple after three months. Yes, many say the first year of a relationship is the the honey coated moon ferments and sours after that but honestly I really feel me and zhiling can be very happy together...we do have our misunderstandings which we call our 'knock head' moments but generally we do yearn for one another.

On my dates with zhi...I honestly rediscovered my childhood as she gave me a homelife...something missing in my relocation to KL city in persuit of my career.
With her, I have swept floors with panache, wash dishes with glee( this doesn't mean i wash all the dishes or sweep floors after we marry) eaten dinner with her family while watching her dad and grandma bicker on whether the soup is salty enough, walked a stubborn goat, brought a fussy cat to the vet, cycled around her neighbourhood picking wild berries, jungle trek in the rain and an assortment of genuine fun.

On my vacation with zhi, in barely a year we've covered kinabalu, redang, mallaca,ipoh and kuching, sarawak. We do alot of silly stuff on our travels.In redang we walked half way round the island at night and slept over at a beach chair at some other hotel before coming back in the morning...boy, were the hotel attendants at the place where we staying pissed...they thought we had died when our friends informed them that we never got back from our pedas,sabah...we realised that water rafting was not as fun as capsizing into the rapid and bodysurfing while our mates stayed on the raft, we both fly off at any opportuinity...plop into the water together...experience a moment of darkness and sheer disorientation before finding one another's hand in the water...holding one another and re-emerging with a huge huge smile on our respective ipoh we got another reluctant to get wet couple(our friend and tour guides) into the water sat together in a waterfall just holding one another...

One tyre puncture, once out of petrol.Yup me and zhi were stranded by highway twice...and you know what...crazilly enough it was laughter all the how silly we are...even though the puncture resulted in a missed flight.

No, we were not rich and many a times we travelled counting our budget...but it's the little stuff that were wonderful.Take cinema going for instance...we realise that it's much more fun to be both sharing warmth under a single sweater rather than wearing one we thought why not bring a blanket to the cinema? And so we did...everytime.the ticket cost the same...but it was nice to hold her hands and rest our heads under a blanket and a movie.

Zhiling cannot be more attractive in the morning with a cranky'why do i have to wake up?' face, puss in her eyes, hair all tangled and with a sniff, a scent of sourish sweat .. but seriously...I almost don't want her to wash it off. Not that my fettish is unkept unwashed just awoke girl but it's nice to have someone so how you'd say...special in an ordinary way...but no...we don't sleep together...zhilling has her 'tight conservative code of i am cina and cannot until marry'. So it's on the floor for me or in her brother's room. But I do get a reward for sleeping on the floor...very early in the mornings i ussually get invited to hug her tightly, share kisses, sniff her hair and sometimes just lay together in a light sleep cuddling for an hour to two before we awake to greet the day. It was sheer bliss...but once...her dad walked in to wake her and i was like a spoon position with her.No we're not naked...but I was still so afraid..I lay completely still pretending to be dead asleep...nothing happened.phew! :)

Zhi also needs lotsa coaxing before kisses but once entice...she'll kiss.Telling this to a friend...who sleeps over at her bf regularly she, all these are suppossed to be highschool fun and discoverieslah...I beg to's alot of fun as it is at my age...

But yeah...beside a recent rough patch...this pixie is very special to me and i do believe that the long distance will do us great. We have alot to catch up when she get back which will give us many stories to share...we will also also have time to grow without distraction from one another so that we can in turn enrich each other upon being reunited...

The last night I spent with her at her house...helping her tidy up her computer files...then her bedroom clutter...hurry I'd say as it's already two and her flight is at seven am. Please give me more time to sort she says saying that she's going through clearing what's really sentimental to her more reminiscing than sorting.

Yup, we have alot between us to reminice about too... we walked round and round the airport together like silly trying to dry tears after our 'goodbye, see you in two years'... before walking back to her parents...and so it came time...the last i saw of pixie was her waving at me from the passport checkpoint...

Well...I'll see her in two years tops...or maybe sooner if I can save enough to fly there for a i am just hoping that no blonde guy with a thing for pixies comes near my pixie...

Yesterday...I couldn't reach her by email or phone...her area was hit by the tail end of a hurricane hitting the east side of the US...and sometimes's hard when you want to reach someone you care about for your own selfish needy reason when she's all i can do is send my heart...

Dear...I love you.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Was on set for three days in my home state Sarawak to see the shooting of a friend's film 'Possessed'. Very excited anytime there is anything to do with movies and my hometown so here are the first picts from the film that will release in cinemas this november....if you like what you see...go get your tics!!!!!



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