Monday, August 31, 2009

beauty and two questions to house answered.

"The world is so beautiful...if only we can see that, share it and keep it that way."

I thought to myself as I sat next to a a wondrous roar of water rushing downstream to the sea.My girlfriend Lola, hugged me from the back saying she was cold...

The Yasmin Ahmad tribute is still on the way.It's taking longer than expected as it is not easy to decide what's best to put in or leave out and I do not just want to make an ad-hoc cut that i'll be half happy about.

That aside. I shall respond to two questions pertaining to house.

Why was the Yasmin scene silent?

The Yasmin scene was intended to show that whatever injustices or hurt occur in life, a little bit of kindness and love can bring about healing and we should all try to always give a little of ourselves and make it a better place for everyone because lets face it, we all have troubles and pains.

A trivia for you all is that when yasmin shot this scene, I actually just instructed her that the boy is sad...please comfort him as a passerby with a gift of kindness.
She jokingly said that if she do it her way, she'll hold up a cigarette to the boy and say "Life sucks doesn't it? Here...have a fag, you'll feel better."

But what she say in shot was actually...

Emak belum datang?
Kau sedih ke? Boleh saya teman sementara?
and then when she sat down she waved away saying 'eee...kerengga'

Her dialogue was removed because I felt that it was stronger.After a whole film of piling and noise, maybe I'll just give my audience birds and the kindness of a stranger. That aside, I thing it's also somewhat more poignant if yasmin's last words were not heard but felt.

Is there really such injustices?

The second question is about whether something like house could happen.Alot of ignorant people seem to be commenting that it couldn't.That if the government evict people, it's because the land wasn't theirs anyway.

My answer is yes it happens, sometimes in very big scale.The marginalization and exploitation of the poor has always been an issue since time began. And I am not against capitalism either, just that maybe we should all sometimes remember that we are all after all fellow human being, capable of hurt and pain; and with that knowledge perhaps we should all be more loving and kinder. Please watch the follow video which is an excerpt to a film that can be found here

Monday, August 24, 2009

My new short film House is out.

I am sorry the promised tribute to Yasmin Ahmad has yet to materialise...I was really busy these past weeks.That video will be up in a week I promise.For now,this is my new short film. It is part of 15 malaysia. It does feature a cameo with the late Yasmin Ahmad.

This film tells a small story but one that's very close to my heart. How development and progress sometimes make us forget our kindness and humanity. I always feel a twinge at heart when i hear of people left behind and ignored; here is my small expression of how I feel.

It's a small film, but I am very happy with was also the last time I had a chance to work with my mentor, teacher and friend.

I hope you enjoy my little film and do leave comments if any.



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