Friday, May 16, 2008

Recently, an old friend of mine texted me a says she has a baby...

As I was busy I largely ignored the message...but then today...I dunno why I decided to pop by her blog

And when I saw the photo of her baby, it swept me with such happiness, I immediately wanted to write this blogpost...I am so happy for my friend Josephine and her hubby Frankie and their baby Ethan...I can't explain why I am so happy... I just am.

It just seems so wonderful...maybe in a way...I am almost longing to get married and have my own baby too...

Maybe I am so happy because it raises my hopes that life and humanity isn't all that bad as I see a friend (who I used to go out in a group in and had so much fun teasing when we were both kids)have navigated and done so well in life...meeting a nice man...marrying and now having a baby... me n josephine as part of a catholic youth group YCS - circa 1995

Sometimes I was unreasonable things in life...needless things...I am fighting get somewhere in this world...and yet, in my hometown of friend's baby reminds me that maybe all I really want is love, happiness and a smile...

Well done Jo,Frankie and Ethan...and thanks for the cheer you gave me...

chinese new year 2008 -myself next to Frankie and Josephine in front of him

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Froggie and Oshii !

A friend and fellow blogger Greg mentioned i was starting to resemble Mamoru Oshii...he was too kind because as a film director I still have alot of growing up and learning to do, to even come close to the ghost in the shell auteur but well...the hair, dog and grin...hmmm....u decide... hehehehe.



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