Monday, April 18, 2005

No internet : (

my internet's those who pop by...thanks alot...will be back posting shortly after I ammend my 'connection' problem.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Froggie tank About a week ago...i bought a new little froggie for my tank.It's a clawed frog and though it sounds ferocious it's actually a very reserved water frog that just waddles around...
At only about an inch in size,I was initially a little worried about letting him run free in my frog tank with it's other inhabitants that could digest crickets its size but after some thought I decided that it should be relatively safe as my other specimens are tree frogs and peat frog which does not hunt in water and this little froggie only stays in water. I had great joy watching my frogs in the tank though it's a little annoying that frogs are largely nocturnal which means they sleep by day and wake by night which makes observation a little more difficult and the tank less interesting by day or when the lights are on.

Other than that I throughly enjoy my little biosphere of a tank with a little dry sand area for burrowing,a little shallow water where the frog could waddle and some open water for swimming.Watching frogs give me a great serenity and allows me for a moment to escape pollution both physical and emotional that comes with my city living...I encourage anyone to do the same and keep rather than eat froggies.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Symbol of Fashion and fucking Excitement?

A friend of mine recently provoked the following email which have been adjusted into a post cause it's relevant.

I think it's fun and okay for you to live life while young...I wish I can have the time to experience it myself... but something disgust me about you /some of the teenagers .... I really think that one should not be wearing his/her crucifix when she/he is calling her/himself a slut or partying hard because it then becomes a fashion accessory...

Also, it's one thing to be having your 'vices' it's another altogether to have it while in full declaration of your faith and believes which totally oppose it...the difference being somewhat like fucking another guy quietly at your husband's back and strapping your husband down and fucking another guy in full view of him.

Let Jesus remain a symbol of Christ love and not a symbol of fashion and definitely don't mock him by having him there and crucifying all he stood for.Hence why I don't wear a cross though I m Catholic from birth...I am still waiting till I am ready.


Sunday, April 10, 2005

something I took on the 1st April time pass fast...just for fun!

Quick, who's the leng chai star in Vanilla Sky? Who's the director of a better tommorow? Who's the director of Jurassic Park? ...the answers? Tom Cruise, John Woo and Steven Spielberg.I think most of you will have gotten them right...but what if I ask you who's the gaffer? (person who does the lights) or the sound man? Today I photographed some of my friends who work in the film industry...not as flamboyant actors or hotshot 'chick-magnet' directors, but the often unheralded heroes behind the magic of it all...many of you have congratulated me on SEPET but two of these people also worked hard to realise that film...the other three also serve to bring you stuff like commercials, kopitiam, 3R, homecoming and Visits: the hungry ghost anthology. Please give a hand of applause to my good friends; Yoke who's was a camera assist and now a soundman, Eleanor Low the art director, Auntie Zai the makeup artist, Pitrine the production coordinator and Kamariah the production assistant! Auntie Zai has worked as makeup since I was 2 years old and she's the one who has worked on SEPET...other little foreign movies which bears her touches? Entrapment and Anna and the King! : P BRAVO!!!!!!!! Also buy Vida who deserves credit for greenlighting an article high-lighting these marvelous hidden gems!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

On the 3rd of April 2004, Sunday, I had to have a haircut as I was going to play a nerdy fella in a commercial.I had to cut my hair after 8pm the day before my shoot...needless to saymy regular barbershop isn't open and so aren't a dozen or more others I had hoped to cut my hair...finally I found one that was and the poor stylist had to endure my grunts, groans and etcetera...

Friday, April 08, 2005

what to blog?

I don't know what to I do not want to be preachy going on and on with rhetorical ramblings....then there's self censorship...something very funny and embarassing happened to a friend but I can't blog about that as he may not like the news spread further than it already I am here you guys but am figuring out what's worth saying before shooting my mouth off saying what amounts largely to nothing...reebit


Monday, April 04, 2005

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The Pope has passed...

*the following may be religiously inclined and sensitive*

I’ve a many a post to put up today…there’s lots of things happening I want to share. But of all things I think I should put this up for this very day.

Today marks the passing of Pope John Paul II.

… I never know how to feel on such an occasion of death of a friend of a family or a stranger, much more that of a Pope. For one, I feel tremendous guilt for not having a lousier day or a gloomier day, one that I may offer up as my cross. I also feel that I should be at the church to offer my prayers for him today though I was not; being busy running around most of the day.

In the papers I see the crowds in the Vatican’s St. Peter Square and the masses with head bowed in solemn prayer, I wish in my heart like them I’d be…holy and united in prayer for a Pope, for a God, for a religion always there for me. But I am not there.

I am very selfish. For the little I’ve done, I want people to care. For the pope, only in his passing had I took notice and said I wish I’ve done more…. never have I actively followed in his agenda of uniting the people of the world and creating peace. Never have I gone beyond the promoting the idea beyond my friends, family or parishioners having to put my life at a limb or doing anything more difficult than lifting a finger. It’s that easy and ‘fashionable’ to say peace to all or forgiveness but how many of us actually go out and do it and how many of us actually still hold grudges even against small seemingly insignificant failings of our acquaintances.

For what I’ve done, I may as well be condemned…but it’s not too late…I am still alive and salvation is at hand if I’d only want and deserve it.

When I mentioned how I don’t know how to behave at the occasion of death, I am referring to an observation of mine where the deceased’s joint acquaintances take his death and subsequent wake as a reunion of sort and start talking loudly and drink gleefully…it’s funny cause to look at it in another manner, some of us are doing just that right now, going on with life as usual though the pope has passed. Please do pray for him and yourselves my friends.

P/s In hindsight it's so ironic that the previous post was mockingly about praying for me.



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