Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Birthday for Mum

*my mum is the one in the pink and white striped shirt standing in front of my dad who stands just beneath me...please click on photo to enlarge*

I had a small Christmas and New Year gathering on the 28th of December 2007. It was also a surprise birthday party for my mum.It was populated by a few friends,most of the note of love cast and of course mum and dad who were visiting me from sarawak.

It was to a mum who loves me so much...who gave me birthdays when i was young....who went to school during break time and waited by the school gate gate to pass me a lunch box that i have forgotten...who smiled when I achieved any small success...who teared when she had to fight me when my whims as a child I wanted things that may not be good for was also for a mum who bought me the toys i wanted...

My mum and I have our fair share of disagreements...but which child had never quarreled with a parent? In everything I know she just wanted the best for me, her son...even though sometimes generation gap meant

I didn't know how I could thank I thought I gave her a small the cake came out...and a confetti cannon shot....she nearly joy. so did I.

My mum was esthatic and said give her time to make a wish..."close to retirement meant even my wishing is slow"...she tried to joke...

I m glad you are happy mum...Happy Birthday.

To you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Thanks to evelyn who helped with the food marination,eleanor with shopping,dennis with the fire and everyone who came and added merriment....

Friday, December 28, 2007

Benazir Bhutto. Let us pray

"Benazir Bhutto What??"
That's what I would have said as an arrogant ignorant teen...

I am often not a political person but of late I have been following CNN on the trials and tribulation of Pakistan and the upcoming election and understand a little bit better about how much we all fight and how much peace is a blessing...

I have never had to fight for peace...and hence I never treasured the peace that I have...I have never prayed for peace on my own accord truthfully with the voice of my little heart...but rather made the prayer as it was asked by my priest in church...Most times, I pray selfishly for only myself, family, close friends...most times I prayed for my troubles which is nothing more than a fickle arguement with a girlfriend or money that i need to buy a new cool gimmick...maybe it's time I treasured peace and should pray for it...maybe it's time for me to stop taking peace for granted...and do that little bit to help...

Benazir Bhutto was fiercely fighting for democracy and peace for her homeland Pakistan.

Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was asked to be with the Lord.

Does the Lord care for peace...does he care for us? Maybe he doesn't care because we don't even care...other than for our selfish am I selfish myself?

To you all, yes...I am selfish and I am sorry...

Have I ever treasure our peace in Malaysia, Have I ever found myself having or willing to die for a better world for? Have I ever prayed when we needed nothing from God but when something for a fellow man. Sometimes...well very

It's time to pray for peace.Pray for our fellow sister Benazir Bhutto.Please offer a moment of silence and a prayer for her, her country and all mankind... God is listening and he's waiting for us to ask.Peace to you my friends


credits for all photos REUTERS sourced from yahoo news.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone....Remember...Emmanuel! :)

do light a candle for yourself...god loves you

I wanted to write this blog mocking how the church swells up everytime christmas comes along.How the roads leading to churches gets jammed up and how once a year christians suddenly show up in amazing number for church.I also want to write about how it's an irony that as I turn on my radio on christmas eve, I don't get a traditional christmas carol but rather a rap song with a few words of christmas and a few words of baby. I wanted to write about how a large number people are aiming to celebrate christmas by getting drunk and showered by champange rather than to be anyway close to the church.but i won't because I feel that writing all that will be very pretentious for someone who is too in many ways a sinner. But I do also feel really happy and I rather share that than negate in this yultite season of goodwill.

Christmas is a christian celebration of God keeping his promise to send us salvation.It's is this day that God is made man. However, to most of us sadly it's now christmas tree and santa, or if you're time to skip from party to party.I am not against celebration, if fact I want to tell you about how we forgot about the celebration...celebrating christmas...celebrating the birth of the son of God.

I was all alone on christmas eve. Originally I wanted to follow my family who's making a trip down Singapore but I ended up deciding to stay back to clear my workload instead. But it's okay, I am strangely very happy. Aside from talking to my long distance girlfriend on skype, I hardly feel alone.I am singing songs more jubilantly than before and at 10pm, I made my way to st.francis xavier church for midnite service.

There is a pre-mass session where everyone was singing together. From Gloria to It came upon a midnite clear. The crowd's joined voices that resounded in a united choral already moved me to tears. Of happiness. Honestly, not to be corny...I was trying to tell stop myself...why am I I over dramatising the situation for myself? Feeling holiness by evoking it within with grand ideas of how we're in church? Well, I am not...I don't have to.Merely being in the presence of a big group of people who have come togethr to celebrate the coming of christ alone is a feeling that is undescribable. I felt so happy...and I think I am not the only one.
Turning around, I see other people also happy to the brink of tears.

It's christmas...I have a mum and a dad who's healthy, a beautiful girlfriend zhiling whom I love alot, friends who care, a job that I enjoy so much, enough to eat and be happy...God, thank you for your gifts to good you have been to me...a sinner like me...thank you Lord...

That's all I want to say...

God love you too...Emmanuel. It means 'God with Us'. Merry Christmas Everyone. May God's Blessing be Upon You All.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ingenious Japanese Human Tetris

a friend of mine...had this on his blog and i had a great big laugh from i decided to put it here for you'll enjoy it! :P


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Forggie Tooth Exploded

The above is an x-ray of my teeth. healthy teeth and another one that's not quite there? Well, it exploded...

I am so sorry for not having kept my promise yet again to update my blog regularly....I am sorry for my friends who come here for an update on myself as well as random blog is my new year resolution to write at least ten blogs a month from January onwards....just been so flushed with work.

Life has been throwing alot of things my way...some awesome...some bad but nonetheless every bit a simple taste of what is living...what is being...I'll share a good one next but this particular post I'd like to share something more pressing and urgent first....


so so so do take care of your teeth!!!!!!

I recently had one of my tooth explode on me...what happen teeth has never been my strong point...people have problems with pimples, with back problem has always been my teeth.why? well...when I was young the school dental nurse was a didn't really know what to she just drilled and filled up my teeth for fun...okay maybe not for fun but because she was not experienced...she drilled into every little cavity and damaged my teeth. The reason why i know this is I had a regular dentist...he checked my teeth and indicated it was all okay but then suddenly he was surprised to find many yeah, from then on...I always had a problem with my teeth...when a filling dropped out...I will begin to feel pain...and had to visit the didn't help that i rather be hit by a car than visit a dentist.I so fear the dental drill...sitting in a dental chair...helpless with this drill like a jackhammer whacking away like there's a construction site in your mouth...

Recently, one of my tooth gave way...the fillings became too deep as every time a filling dropped out and I went to get a new one the dentist will have to drill slightly deeper to clean it out. This teeth, my back molar had a particularly deep filling.So the walls of the tooth gave way and the teeth in short exploded.Imagine a teeth as being a four wall box, well what's left of mine is two of the four walls...yes, in place of a molar, I had two sharp protrusion...if you are cringing don't...funnily i didn't feel any pain despite my tooth internal nerves was being exposed (according to dentist).

So with much trepidation and fear...I went to the dentist.

Dental chair lowers...bright dentist looks at my teeth...he takes an x-ray. I have two choices...

one...extract whatever is left of the teeth. a root canal, save the root and put a crown on top

as a dentist, he will undoubtedly say save the teeth as it is my large molar and extracting it will mean i have a huge gap where food can get stuck.Also a gap there will mean my top pairing molar will have no support.So okay...I decided to save my teeth.Now what's a root canal?

Well...a root canal is the process of drilling deep into the tooth...remove all the nerves and living tissue then filling it up.In this case whatever left of the teeth is there but dead and dental cement is used to rebuilt the walls that broke off.
Now...what's the problem of just concealing the nerves like a regular filling and not killing the teeth you may ask.Well because of the severity of my cavity at the moment...if the internal tissue is not removed, dirt could slip in through my filling causing the internal tissue to get an infection which could lead to greater oral problem, lots of pain and possibly even a swollen jaw.Problems with a root canal? It's pricey and it's a long process...three session over three weeks almost 4 hours in total....

So I made up my mind and today I went for a root canal. Remember...the dentist is essentially using a drill and various sharp object to drill into my teeth and remove my nerve.I asked the dentist....must i be awake? Can I be put asleep? The dentist says...well anesthesia is expensive so what they give is an injection of local anesthesia to numb my gums....and so he pulls out an injection...I tremble in fear...

The following is a second x-ray of my see that there is two long drill bits like needles poked deep down into it where my veins are suppose to to observe what a healthy teeth look like...

friends...fellow blog readers...DO TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH if you dun want these grievances....

to the dentist's credit..he did it well and frankly I'd reccomend him as a dentist.ask me personally if you need his number. He was reccomended to me by two friends.



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