Thursday, June 04, 2009

Drawing(playing) with light!

Even Pablo Picasso did it...It's a very old photography trick to go to a dark place, put a camera on long exposure and then use a light source like a torch or a lighter to paint in the air with light. The science is simple...the dark place ensure the photo entire photo takes along time to be exposed (and does not get overexposed) while the light source of much greater light intensity quickly expose a burn out light trail that is a line that can be shifted around to form a drawing when viewed on the resulting photo...

During our trip to Endau Rompin we had a dark campsite, friends, torchlights and digital cameras. what better way to pass time and have loads of laughter? Here are the the results.

Aurelius Teo dreams he's superman
The Beautiful Game
Eddie does a dalshim
Dennis likes cycling
An angel meets a devil
and recently in pulau redang...carol meets an alien creature.....

Feel like playing with light too? Have fun guys!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tarzan is Home! Skytrex

On the 30th of May, the trail trekkers made a second trip to skytrex to try out the newly opened extreme challenge...thanks to Aurelius who was kept in the loop and informed us all as soon as the new trail was ready. Upon hearing the news...I was smiling ear to ear and can't wait to climb the ladder and fly from tree to tree again! God Bless the wonderful wonderful people who started skytrex . God Bless them!!! What a wonderful have a place that

1) help someone conquer their fear of height
2) learn team building
3) test their physical skills
4) have so much fun
5) swing like tarzan
6) feel so alive...

May they make alot of money to make skytrek even more extreme trail 3

So what is skytrek? Its best summarized as a place where you scale really high up on trees and play tarzan, having a day of fun like no other. You'd probably are either get freaked out or you can't wait to go...after seeing this photos.
But I encourage you all to try it...afterall it's all about just fun...there's hardly any chance of danger as it's all about putting on a safety harness and enjoying the ride. As my brother said to a girl infront of him in queue who was hesistant to jump at a flying fox..."It's not like i can do this better than's not like it takes alot of skill, just snap on the harness and jump..."Yes, alot in life is about jumping...or daring to and I feel that pushing the boundaries of fear is how you stimulate yourself to grow even more. For was a fun ride...
At the end...there was a difficult obstacle that most of the group fell...until one of the girls came along and patiently she made it through.It's an obstacle of pipes and little rings like this.

The objective is to cross over.You have to hold on to the pipe which was hard as it swayed crazily, not a good size for a proper grip and was also slippery so the best way was to hug it. That effectively made it a physical test of your chest and biceps. The little ring at the bottom was too small for two feet so you had to shift your foot from ring to alternate ring without having the luxury of putting two feet on one ring and rest. You also can't move in a circular motion as your safety line will tangle if you were to spin around to get an easier leg shift to the next pole.
It resulted in having to really cleverly maneuver while keeping on one side of the obstacle..not easy...and at time very awkward...

I fell halfway through. Because I wasn't focused and I slipped. I climbed back up but my mind told me to just let can't do're too tired. I went pass dangling from the safety line...I did go back up and restart the obstacle again and am glad to say I did complete the obstacle on the second try.

This obstacle thought me so to conserve energy, how to quickly learn and utilize techniques to accomplish a task, mental focus and strength when faced with something that felt both difficult and overwhelming...

sometimes it's really all it takes...just the mental capacity to say you can hang on and move along...not giving up... a big yay for skytrek...AWESOME! time to go carol! Mum,'re coming too...A last shot of the gang!



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