Monday, October 26, 2009

7 guys, 1 girl and 1 dog at Lata Kedondong

As soon as I touched down, home from Korea, I wondered if my group are making any trip into the jungle on the coming weekend. I called Eddie and he remarked " nothing, waiting for you"
So immediately said Lata Kedondong, a waterfall which the group made a trip to but i was too busy to follow as I was planning house at that time. But I itched to enter the jungle once's an addiction...i somehow need the river and a good trashing through mud and a whole load of green to bombard my eyesight to feel alive and hence almost every weekend religiously i find myself in the jungle worshiping creation itself.

So on Saturday me and eddie made quick calls and invited friends for this impromtu trip. We gathered 7 guys, 1 girl and 1 dog. Lata Kedondong is a series of waterfall along a river near Ulu Yam.It's about an hour drive from KL.

Though the hike to Lata Kedondong is relatively short, it's 45 minutes one way it was quite a fun hike especially during this rainy season. It's uphill and downhill overgrown mud trails providing enough obstacles to slip fall, jump over, crawl under, climb up and negotiate around. However, it's just enough fun while being easy enough that should one get lost, one could just go towards the river and walk by the river down to the familiar parking lot.
Lata Kedondong has a pool for swimming but heavy currents requires one to practice caution. I didn't swim this time as I had my dog at my side and he needs the company. Still it's always fun to be apart of the jungle...and I was happy just roaming amidst the greenery and breathing the mist filled air that felt so lively fresh. Footstool was savouring it...

To any reader of this blog, should you want to join my group please just leave a note on who you are and why you are keen on joining us your email in the comment section and I'll foward you my contact and details of coming trips. We typically depart from taman tun dr. ismail(near one utama) at 5.30-7 am in the morning on sundays. Trips are free aside from sharing out any cost incurred, your safety is at your own discretion. friends always wanted...



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