Saturday, July 28, 2007

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Dear all.

My movie "a note of love" will be in cinemas this coming september. After much work,with ideas from fellow designer friends,this is close to final key comment on what you think of the poster as an audience.your input will be much to enlarge.Thanks


Sunday, July 15, 2007


Read the top bold print....then scroll to the bottom bold print and after read the better understand my point...

My girlfriend just told me she's going clubbing in new york till morning.

What is love? Love is paints your world? Let's get brutal...Preception, expectation and dissapointments. we first perceive what a person is when we are first attracted to her.Then we have expectations. Lastly, we have dissapointment.Technically the last isn't love but falling out of love...but as it is a process...lets just put it into the context of love.

I was planning a trip to the states to meet my girlfriend zhiling. It's in two weeks.But we've broken up. It ended with...Go club...just don't call me your boyfriend anymore. She still had the nerves to calmly say...I'll talk to you about it after...well dear...surprise...this time there is no after. Whatabout my planned trip to the USA to see her? Well, love is never convenient.And I hope this proves the severity of the matter.

I am not allowing my girlfriend from going clubbing.Doesn't that make me an untrusting controlling boyfriend? Well before you get the wrong preception...know girlfriend doesn't allow me to sleep in the same bed as she after we have dated for like more than a year...doesn't allow me to say bad words...preaches Godliness all the time... and now when I say she can't go to a club...I am wrong? Can't sleep (just sleep) and yet can club? Hypocrite!!!! More preceptions....she stands less than five feet and weigh only a mere 40 or so kilos...easily taken down or over...I worry for her...her size and frame....I am not there and well to me she's really attractive and so I worry...not that I dun trust her but whatabout other guys? I don't want to sit and worry for her and if she wants to club...well have your perception changed?

Expectation...My girlfriend, she expects something from me so I expect something from my girlfriend.She expects me to have neat cut away with my lion's mane...she expect me to be curteous n never say a bad word...she'll merajuk if i even stutter a FU*K. Well dear....*UCK F*CK FU*K! She expects me never to act again as she doesn't wanna envy an actress being in the shoes of my onscreen girlfriend...she expects so much...yet I just ask...dear...please don't go clubbing...without reasoning...she says don't control me...and she even dare add...I am pissed now because you ask me not to concience may not allow me to enjoy do you EXPECT me to stay? Expectations...everyone has expectations...whether they are met...that's a different story.But one thing is clear, if you expect something of someone be ready to expect that he expects something of you. My girlfriend expects me to be the good boy....and she can play devil may-be...hahahaha

YOU BLEW IT, zhiling exclaimed as i put a picture of myself and another girl up as she was arguing with me on msn...well maybe I wanted to BLEW IT. Look...if a photo of me and another girl can be perceive as bout you going clubbing when I specifically told you not too? A picture carry such weigh so what you expect of an action? Or you perceieve that everything you say can issit? and Everything I say I can expect to carry no weight?

Dissapointment...Damn am I angry. I am not crying...I am not sad...happy even...perhaps now I can get a girl who doesn't dissapoint me.How dissapointing it is...when you as a boyfriend mean less than a night out dissapointing it is when my so called girlfriend can't just give up on something as silly and meaningless as clubbing for me...when she expects me to give up other things for her...

Talk to me after you've come back...dear...if you're not welcome back.

I dumped her.

Froggie is now single n looking out for a new mate



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