Saturday, June 23, 2007


Hey you all...yes guilty as charged for not being blogging for over two months. I deserved to be whipped....but I think my new blog will bring really silly smiles to some of you out there. It brought really silly smiles to my face.

Dalam 0.05 saat... Jahanam! Naga Gaban! Kereta Perisai! Pisau Gaba Potong Dua!

Ring a bell?

Hahahahah I searched online and try to download it but failed because the seeders weren't enough...but I did have the music on my phone.And one time when the tune played to an incoming call my friend looked over at me and said got gaban ringtone. That friend is ken kee...thanks ken.What else he remarked? I got the series on VCD!!! wow-wow-wee! I was all smiles! :P

So Gaban tells the story of this japanese guy who's from another planet in the far region of space. He looks human cause he's half human, his mum is human. He has a spaceship that'll put the starship enterprise to shame and a robotic dragon that comes in handy to inihilate bad ugly oversized foam monsters. Everyweek he does work as a horse rancher until the baddie, who is actually referred to as the devil, shows up and send another rubber suit monster to wreck havoc.Gaban will go in to save the day. He'll fight the rubber suit baddie wearing his normal clothes...failing which he changes without a changing room but it's okay cause he does it very fast in 0.05 seconds into an almost...kinky suit of his own and it makes for quite a fun watch today even though it's very tacky kids stuff. So he fights the monster...defeats the monster and then the devil turns the globe in reverse on it's axis and the monster suddenly by some weird physic turns big...and he calls his dragon! Dragon blow flames monster blows up...smilling hero does weird poses and then it's back to the ranch.

I once loved was my barney the purple dinosaur but instead of loving everyone this one also had a good dose of action.At one point...i pretentiously said I hated it as I was actually ashamed that liking it means I have not grown up and be cool. But now I know better and am almost hysterical finding it...watching it...I'd say it's cool! group in a band competition in zouk performed the theme song to much was soooo so cool...Hollywood should do a remake! :P This summer...a rubbersuit monster will destroy the earth...unles...cheng cheng cheng...GABAN!

so for all my friends out there who shared the enthusiasm for Gaban's the opening credits of Gaban for you and I hope you'll share in the comments what you like or like to hate about dear old Gaban too...



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