Thursday, May 19, 2005

Expression or Depression

Yesterday I was in my car alone on the way to watch the star wars premiere when caught in a moment of sudden bliss I was singing to beribu bintang loudly and flailing my hands all over the place while waiting a red traffic light.Suddenly I looked over and there was this lady starring right at me with this look of amusement and disbelief like is this guy insane? is he allowed to drive? but seriously what's wrong with this picture?

I feel everybody is walking too straight nowadays...I really do. Aside from moments when people let loose and get down in discos I often find that people generally walk the same, talk the same and don't express is often said that we grow up and forget our childhood dreams, losing our childish innocence in a manner of growing up...but I think sometimes it's decidedly loss by ourselves not wanting to be a fools or wanting to strangely be atypical and voluntarilly fitting in to society's norms...

This weird stiffling tendencies could also be attributed to the city lifestyle that pigeon hole us into organised, scheduled being and utterly overly stiff individuals.I feel sick to my stomach when I see the lift lobby of my apartment at about 7pm have a bunch of zombie like people with a sad look, a shoulder droop composure and an overall depressed aura...a smile, a skip and a hug could make everyone so much happier but it doesn't happen...sometimes on occasions there is a sparkle of hope with a small smile between friends or a baby is there and an auntie is making faces but it ussually doesn't ignites...

I am going to star wars...why do we enjoy so much the cinema, a play, a song or art? ...well I think because only in an expression and when we have an expression or when we are privy to an expression do we finally embrace the perhaps intrinsic nature which we have inside as God's beings to celebrate life and thus we feel happier.

Today, fashion trends ecetera sells us happiness in desires but what I feel is that true happiness lies in being expressive... I was thinking of the word that oppose expressive for the title of this blog...non-expressive, mundane and then it hit me...depressive could be the reverse of we should all just be expressive. If not alot, sing a little, dance a little, smile a little and see what joys you can paint into your heart with this little bits of expression...

Off to blow bubbles!



tiada-lagi said...

beribu bintang is kau ilhamku right?

Linus Linnaeus said... man bai, it's my, yasmin the director of SEPET and Alan Yun one of malaysia's top model's favourite song!



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