Saturday, July 16, 2005

Self Help for Filmmakers

Self help seminars are all the rage nowadays with big names speakers like Anthony Robbins of ‘Awakening the Giant Within’ fame making it to our shores so it is hardly surprising that the local filmmaking industry with the initiative of one man in particular, Mr. M.P. Nathan, is looking to import Hollywood expertise to our shores. Self help for moviemakers anyone? Welcome to the Action Cut Seminar.

This seminar is returning after an initial bout in 2002, yup…they did it once before, all the way out in the now down trodden dessert that is cyberjaya but to their credit they have manage to arouse enough interest and collaborations even then (yours truly was there in attendance) to lure Mr. Guy Magar back for a second round. It is hardly surprising that the seminar is now within much reachable venue, that of Sunway University Campus.

Anyway, seated at my desk upfront here in Sunway, my arsenals of stationary primed, I feel so much like a schoolboy once more waiting in anticipation of a teacher who’s flying in from that mystical place of filmmaking Hollywood. Yes folks it is Hollywood Comes To Malaysia right here today! A quick glance around, I see some familiar faces…Actors - Aflin Shauki, Animator -Syed Hassan, Film Critic -Hassan Muthalib, Infamously Vocal Producer David Teo of Metrowealth, Commercial Director - Virginia, K.L. menjerit’s Director of Photography - Mukriz, Film Exhibitor Yvonne of GSC, Film Distributor Patrick Wee of Audio One and even Dave, the Camera Department personnel of film equipment rental house F.E.G. Among them, sits an army from Finas and other companies, all geared to up their game I suppose… in this seminar.

The compulsory speeches and thank you starts the day leading up to the launch gambit where the James Bond theme screams out from the speakers with confetti cannons blasting left right corners effectively awaking those still sleepy in this cold Friday morning.

blah blah blah blah.....FULL VERSION IN CINEMAONLINE...blah blah blah

After a day, everyone looked tired but appropriately enlightened with a wealth of information. Pacing for the seminar was good and the information relayed made you felt satisfied, an ‘Ooomph’ if you will. Audiences earned a quite through understanding of the process. Though its not what I don’t already know having been in a feature film, producing commercials under my company and also having sat through Action Cut 3 years back, I personally gives the thumb up for Guy. It’s nice to have what basic essentials of filmmaking you know sorted out for you, re-looked and reinforced. In the words of an Akademi Filem Malaysia graduate, it’s equivalent to an entire semester of pengarahan ( direction ) and penerbitan (producing classes).


Aida said...

Hey Linus..Aida here. Thanks for taking pics with me today. Hope you're having a good time at the seminar and learning lots. Doing backstage stuff isn't so bad especially when you have a great team to work with, y'know? ;) Besides, I get to meet film people like you, so that's a plus. *grins* Anyhow, you were great in SEPET. Loved the hospital scene most. Lolz... Wish ya all the best in your career and may you become a kick-ass filmmaker someday. Keep in touch. Stay cool. See ya. :)

Chris Mackenzie said...

Hey LINUS!!!!! its Chris.,.yeap..the one from starlight've u been?? just dropping by to say........ Take care...and hope to see u soon... =)

Dawn J. said...

This is very interesting....Are the plans going to be implemented at all or are they just talking? Who do they have in mind? Perhaps they should look at veteran teachers from film making schools in Hollywood or East L.A. to go to M'sia to teach. They're cheaper and they're probably better than the Actors/Producers themselves anyway because of their versatility. If they get Woody Allen for eg., he wouldn't be able to cover all espects and all styles. Teachers, although unknown, might be better at that....

David said...

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Anonymous said...

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