Sunday, September 25, 2005

Malaysian Idol

Froggie Idol

Idol worship is forbidden! as a is written in the bible 'Thou shall not Worship other Gods besides me'...I guess lots of malaysians are going straight to hell...but then it's said that the Lord's a forgiving God or I must be terribly out of context like most jihadist :p

Yes, it's Malaysian Idols grand finals at Genting Highlands! I was working a camera and got to be behind the scenes so are reading the writing of a froggy with a silly grin.

I was up in Genting early wednesday morning and as a walk into the arena of stars at 9 am early for my 10 am eta, it was quite quiet...then slowly an army of carpenters, electricians, welders, sweepers, truck drivers slowly packed in. They were unpacking chunks of prebuilt stage pieces, welding the stage frame, nailing down loose boards, laying wires and doing all sorts of fixing up stuff while the TV3 crew layed wire tracks for the more than 16 camera setup that will be used to shoot the show.Later in the afternoon, a bunch of people would appear at the corner of the arena and they will be jiggling and dancing...early rehearsals for the show tommorow.

I would say these idols are some of the luckiest people...behind the scene so many craftsmans to build the stage, so many camera crew to setup the intricate camerawork for the show's broadcast, stage decorators to beautify their platform, dance and vocal coaches to fine tune their voice moves, lighting and sound experts, musicians and back vocals...the list goes on. Well, they are idols...meaning that we should lust for them, we should helplessly have our hearts melted at the thoughts of them, we should die for a photo opportuinity with them, we should spend endless nights dreaming of them and also we should also be lifted up by their melodious hum... in short, we should do our part and idolise them...

On the other hand, there are the type who thinks...seriously would it makes a difference whomsoever wins? They are afterall the ones who gets the glory and the glam...why should I make my contribution to the telco's bank account in support of them? Well...if everyone's thinking like that, malaysian idols may as well close shop... but technically idols do play a part in the structure of society...they are not merely a large money making machine, they in turn gives us a pleasure...a smile in giving us something to escape to, something to aspire to, something to look up for and something to be proud of collectively...

Yes on a larger scale, our idols in sports, in arts, in movies and in song (unfortunately not our ex F1 driver)represents the best of us as a country...and puts us on a world give the country an image that would in turn serve an economic and cultural and significance...

So how do you get to such a place and become an idol? Well, there's the good old way of working your way up the ladder...practicing with only your own believes and dreams as a driving force, going through countless rejections and hoping you reach the rainbow at the end of the storm before you give up to obstructions and difficulties...otherwise...there's the other way...appear on malaysian idol and hope you make the cut. Be interesting to gauge from you guys out there which is the better feel free to leave a remark on your opinion, your say...

That said...I was hard pressed to vote for my idol of whom should my vote swings? I thought I base it on whom smile at me more times the three days I'll be here and often weaving between them doing my the end...losing counts of inexhaustable smile I decided to throw my vote the underdog's way...hey everyone deserves a chance to be an idol... :)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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babyPup said...

u lucky frog :P hehe. i know a lot of ppl who'd trade places wit ya.
so.. when is froggy gonna sing instead hmm?

Vivien said...

hi there!
thanks for the comment on my blog. nice to hear that u had a good date and a nice time in KK. yeah, the painted posters - very old skool right? hahah.

i'm going back to kk this thurs. need a really good rest after 3 years studying in a crazy college. heard a lot from my friends and they said the same thing as you too. i'll try to get job even if the pay is not that high but i think i need to gain experience 1st. i am still very much undecided on my next plan.

few weeks ago, i went for an interview and i saw ng choo seong at his working place! wah, star struck man...LOL!

all the best to you. will be visiting ur blog again.

Anonymous said...

You were working a camera? were you the cameraman that got a roasting from Paul Moss for bad cinematography (or something like that) when Daniel was singing?

Anyways, like you performance in Sepet. Seriously thought you stole the show. Especially with the hang jibai line.

Linus Linnaeus said...

MCP 101 (MCP means multicamera production)

Nope...the camera person is not responsible for that...the switcher person is...the camera person just aims and shoots as nicely getting instructions via walkie talkie on what to focus on ecetera from an MCP director. then all the visual signal are pumped via cable to a switcher who switches from camera to camera to create the editing that you see on TV...paul may have critique the camera but it's rightly the switcher's fault...hey...leave a name if you are anonymous...Linus



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