Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Froggie Favourite Five!

Came by a mass circulating email that asked to list your favourite's mine...

1.kau ilhamku (know lyrics end to it to no end...sing it most often...wanted to buy the rights for it to use it for a movie of trying to find a friend in warner chappel to get discount! or maybe trade...give me use of song...give you guys music vid...)

2. where's the love? (love the meaning! black eye peas...went for their concert when they were here...was bored to death to their rapping...then this song played...nearly wept for joy as the packed stadium sang in unison)

3.singing in the rain(from the Gene Kelly movie...if I suddenly burst into song when I am happy it's either this song or kau ilhamku...)

4.For God so Love the World (I miss singing this song soooooooo much...often sing it with the young christian students in as I sing it's still nice but I miss dearly the many voice rendition)

5.Love Let us Here ....was I dumb or was I blind or did my heart just lose it's mind? why I go and throw a perfect dream away...looking back, I never know... how I ever let you go but destiny will see return to have another day...Love let us here...right back to where we belong...we followed a star and here we are now heaven seems so let us here... (Kermit sang it in the muppet treasue island movie when he and miss piggy hung from a cliff awaiting almost certain death)

Yes, I am more traditional and like lyrics you can actually hear rather than loud brash bashing music...unless it's a bond tune...So what's your five?


Anonymous said...

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ChrisMackenzie said...

Hey Linus... how have you been? =)

Jim Naka said...

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imran said...

finally i got time to look at your blog. imran here, lin's friend(cinema online) we met last time in ikea. by the way, 'kau ilhamku' has always been the song i like to hear at any time since.i even got chance to teach and train one of my chinese friend to sing it..that one, no need to buy rights, rite? c ya, mate

Anonymous said...

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Leo Koo said...

hey Linus!

You like singing, 'singing in the rain'? haha! Heard it b4, but kinda forgot abt it nowadays.. :( Teach? :p

And, abt your 4th song.. ;) How abt coming over my church and we sing it together for Christmas? ;) Contact me k?

msn :

Till next time! ;)

ChrisMackenzie said...

Bro...why so long no updates man?!

babyPup said...

'ahem'ahem' due to exceptionally wonderful cicumstances, froggy is unavailable for the time being. he's out.. hopping between lilypads, and playing in ponds. haha.

actualy, where are u ah linus?

Mandy said...

heya linus..its me mandy from the airport???? mum gave me ur blog and decided to check it out..incase u dont noe, ur pic is in Kenny posted all the pics from the pensonic party at senso....oh n i lurv songs wit meaningful lyrics too...n i recognized u bcuz i had just watched it..bsides ur famous! ahahah!

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