Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sorry...here's what happened and I am back.

Sorry readers...been away from blogging for awhile. Quite alot happened in my life since Chinese New Year.

I've broken up with my girlfriend and it sadly seems like it's for good.

I decided to up my ante and hiring two permanent fulltime staff, my company has always been operating on managing a strong base of freelancers. This two full time staff are great and despite not being demanding in terms of pay to help me adjust, they are still a financial responsibility. I am also trying to be a good boss understanding to their needs and also to always motivate them.

My movie was on ASTRO channel 333 and is the top 5 film for the chinese new year period.

I went back to church in a bigger way. I confessed all my faults and sins and cried that I was free and accepted home.I now want to be more committed to my faith.

Now...I am getting myself ready to do my first big commercial feature film while trying to win a contract to have the financing for it.Also I am trying hard to expand by doing bigger and better jobs.

Now I am also trying to commit to update this blog regularly.


HuonHengChai said...

Hi! I'm the Janitor

Cybermate said...

Lol, Dennis.... i think you are the housekeeper considering that you do cleaning, gardening, and every thing else too. Hehehe! And all i do is just write.



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