Monday, November 10, 2008


Maybe there is a use for the ISA...

I wonder is the organisers of the king of tennis tournament is going to be captured by the ISA?

Why for you may ask?

Well...they ruined the name of the country and penang for alot of people.Alot of people are going to be scared of buying tickets to a tennis event in malaysia again thinking...will it be cancelled. Any foreign tourist who has made travel plans and spent money to come to Malaysia for the event will probably not think very much of malaysia now.

I wonder...just wonder how many contractors were not paid or were half paid for their effort.

I wonder how many people will get their ticket refunded.

I wonder how many of us will have our tax money taken out by the government as a bailout to pay for the field that in a picture from the sun newspaper here looks like crap. I doubt the organisers can pay to repair that.

Raja Petra in this case was caught by the ISA for 'much less'...actually what did he get caught for?

maybe the ISA can finally do something useful...

arrest an over ambitious event producer who promised but never delivered and created a big loss for all...well...we all make mistakes...but seriously...

we pay for it...

Wait...not all of us pay for it....

It seems like the people up there and the people in politics can sometimes to borrow the english phrase 'get away with murder' =P pardon the pun...or at least get away with a mismanaged tennis tournament that tarnish an image of a country

Let's see how the government acts over this matter...

maybe there will finally be a use for the ISA =P


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