Sunday, April 05, 2009

Chiling Waterfall

yes...maybe i am a little perasan

Chiling Waterfall is situated slightly higher up the road from Selangor Dam, 21km after Kuala Kubu Baru. Take the NKVE from Damansara tol, head north following Ipoh but exit at Rawang , from there on you must take the old road all the way to Kuala Kubu Bharu. Then just continue from Kuala Kubu Baru to the Selangor Dam. The Selangor Damn road makes for an excellent drive...the roads are beside an awesome lake created by the Selangor Dam. Wide and and long curves at an angle that is a pleasure just to cruise your car while sticking your head out of the window like a dog. Slightly after the Selangor Dam, you'll notice a sign to chiling waterfall to your right.Park on the empty space to the left side of the road. The drive takes about 1 to 1 half hour from taman tun.
our usual 5 am meetup and breakfast

Chiling waterfall is an easily accesible waterfall and the trek is considered easy. The setback of this fact is that it is popular, so going early is a good idea to avoid the crowd.Hence the 5 am meeting time and 6 am kickoff. The fisheries department have set up an outpost there with regulations to protect the river. All of which are good, especially the availability of washrooms at a fee of 50 cents at the entrance of the park. The bad is no dogs are allowed into the park typical of our country's general religious dislike of that animal.Sorry footstool. I did really wanted to bring you. city folks river crossing 101
Aside from that...the trek is an easy walk that I highly reccomend using slippers as you'll be going in and out of water many times. It also has a few river crossing which makes for the amusing oservation of the less experience trekkers making all sorts of oos and ahhs...crossing them.After an are at the falls...from's all the fun, smiles and re-CREATION offered by any visit to the wild...

do bring goggles as there are many fish to see Me doing a King Julian to my lemurs. a tower of dumbasses
two iranians joined us yesterday...
Pristine water...a nice wide shallow pool to swim with deep areas for the ones with balls to dive and do tricks, rocks to sit by the waterfall and just enjoy it's misty veil and shady areas for picnic really makes chiling an enjoyable trip.

Trail Trackers HooHAA!!! "going back to the insane city? suckers!" I almost heard a dragonfly say

On the way back...I saw an emerald green dragonfly that glowed in the sun...I think he was smiling.He lived there...For us less fortunate city folk...I guess all we can do is try make as many trips back to nature and salvage that part of us lost to comment!!!!!


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hey dumbass, here's your requested comment. you missed all the













Ashed_Dreams said...

Bloody hell man, Who says Sir Footstool Pee-and-shit-alot can't join? Your friend bring her dog along. Chiling falls are made of awsomeness!



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