Thursday, June 04, 2009

Drawing(playing) with light!

Even Pablo Picasso did it...It's a very old photography trick to go to a dark place, put a camera on long exposure and then use a light source like a torch or a lighter to paint in the air with light. The science is simple...the dark place ensure the photo entire photo takes along time to be exposed (and does not get overexposed) while the light source of much greater light intensity quickly expose a burn out light trail that is a line that can be shifted around to form a drawing when viewed on the resulting photo...

During our trip to Endau Rompin we had a dark campsite, friends, torchlights and digital cameras. what better way to pass time and have loads of laughter? Here are the the results.

Aurelius Teo dreams he's superman
The Beautiful Game
Eddie does a dalshim
Dennis likes cycling
An angel meets a devil
and recently in pulau redang...carol meets an alien creature.....

Feel like playing with light too? Have fun guys!


Ee May said...

Hey Linus,

I stumbled upon your blog while googling Chiling Waterfalls.

Wow. What a blessing this has been to me. I really enjoyed almost each and every word penned here.

I've always admired people who have a passion for what they do and yours is definitely evident here- art, exploring, traveling.

I've also enjoyed hiking in Aus when I was studying there and always wondered what the trekking/hiking scene was like here in Msia but never took the initiative to find out. So here's good exposure for me. I hope to plan some trips soon!!!

God bless and keep writing about the things you do !!!

Ee May

Anonymous said...

The effect is really cool.
With the name, did you have one person do the entire word, or each friend did a letter? bah, u need to teach me how to do this...i wanna try it out with my cousins :) we've got a range of cameras (from compacts to slr so something is bound to work)




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