Monday, July 27, 2009

Goodbye Yasmin....see you again some day....

Tuberoses. they are yasmin's favourite flower. Everyone was holding on to one standing in the rain as her body was taken out of the house after her wake and loaded into the hearse.Many have come to mourn her.It was a sad moment but beautiful.almost like a movie...perhaps it was God's gift to celebrate her one more time.

I've slept largely the whole morning after being up the whole nite at Yasmin's wake and then following her funeral proccedings.It was truly a sad day. I've lost my teacher. I felt even more sad at how much and how good she's been to me. Deeds that can never be repayed. But Yasmin would have wanted it that way as she was always kind and always giving.

I am currently preparing a short video, edited from some behind the scene footage I've collected during the filming of sepet and my latest short film house. I've never shown this video to anyone but I hope now to celebrate her spirit. Below are my other blogposts on yasmin.

Please do add any comments, thoughts or stories of yasmin here if you have any...i would love to have them accumulated and collected.Thank you.


kbguy (福生) said...

R.I.P. Yasmin.

calvism said...

i think most of us can't believe she has moved on to a better place.

be strong linus!

can't wait for your short film to be out :)



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