Monday, August 24, 2009

My new short film House is out.

I am sorry the promised tribute to Yasmin Ahmad has yet to materialise...I was really busy these past weeks.That video will be up in a week I promise.For now,this is my new short film. It is part of 15 malaysia. It does feature a cameo with the late Yasmin Ahmad.

This film tells a small story but one that's very close to my heart. How development and progress sometimes make us forget our kindness and humanity. I always feel a twinge at heart when i hear of people left behind and ignored; here is my small expression of how I feel.

It's a small film, but I am very happy with was also the last time I had a chance to work with my mentor, teacher and friend.

I hope you enjoy my little film and do leave comments if any.


nomad girl said...

Hi Linus, congrats on the film!

afams-chan said...

Hi Linus

There was once Yasmin Ahmad said about writing a script, "Don't put thoughts, put feelings."

I watched your 'House' movie. I was touched especially when Rama mention that the house that he lives was built by his father. You really put your feeling eventhough it is only small expression. Good job! Keep it up! I want to see more films of yours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linus,

Great,great work. It was a touching film. Am no movie buff.I just came to know about a bunch of highly talented local indie filmakers only after the great Yasmin Ahmad's passing.I was moved by your simple theme and storyline and the message conveyed. I cant fully articulate my emotions here on why I was stirred and moved to tears while watching House. But I am sure it was your briliance, in the way you told the story .So humane and so real. I salute the talent,sheer hardwork and passion of you and your peers .Keep it up! And make Yasmin and us malaysians proud :-)


Anonymous said...


Entered 15malaysia website. Saw the name Linus Chung. Could it be? It really is you. Quite an achievement. Nice video,like the part where the model house and the real house gets destroyed at the same time. Really nice.Touches the heart.


Linus Linnaeus said...

Hey idea...who are you?

Scherlyn...thank you and don't be modest...everyone has a right to an opinion and I appreciate yours...but seriously,if you ever feel otherwise about my work do tell me too.

Chan...thanks for sharing...yasmin often told me that too...throw away everything linus,she'll say...focus on the emotions.

Anonymous said...

would you care to explain the last part with Yasmin appearance in the movie?

Anonymous said...

would you care to explain the last part with Yasmin appearance in the movie?

Linus Linnaeus said...

wht do you think? sometimes i show you a picture so that you can grasp your own meaning.

Anonymous said...

oops.idea is ida, from cell.

Sharra said...
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Sharra said...

Hi Linus, why do you take squatters being demolished as the theme of conveying your message? Because I feel the scenario is not solid to support your statement of 'development and progress sometimes make us forget our kindness and humanity'. I love the idea but I wish you took a different theme. Looking forward for your next project! ;-)

Alwyn Tay said...

This is the best Linus shot I've ever seen. And now it has became my favorite shot. It is also highly recommended in Chinese newspapers.

I like the sequence where demolition was taking part. I have one script that also has demolition sequence and i was feeling it could be hard to shot. But Linus has handled it better than what i thought.

Well done, bro!!

afams-chan said...

refer to "would you care to explain the last part with Yasmin appearance in the movie?"

i also wonder..but i like it when you put the scene at the end..hehe

still, what they were talking about? I wish i know..

ALvin chung said...

good job linus chung....

big clap for your ideas and ability to put emotions into the film..

very emotional film which will stuck many ppl who watch and began to think and think... cheers!

Best Regards,

Alvin Chung

Barbara said...

Bravo Linus. I enjoyed the film. Very touching and provoking. I hope to see more films like this :)

Anonymous said...

hi Linus,im Dev..i really enjoy watching "HOUSE"..keep it up.. well done bro.. its so touching eventhough its a short film..
all the best..

michelle Y said...

The message is straightforward.

Not the type that'd bring out tears; more like leaving your mouth gaping open :P

The last scene where there was no sound, no tear-inducing background music; left no cushion to fall back on after the shock.

The presentation style is unique to you Linus! Good job done!

*The demolishing part was a shocker! One would assume after seeing the poster; just another movie with a moral lesson learnt in the end to embrace differences & adversity*



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