Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Democracy Is You

Hello everybody.

This is Linus, the director of house. I am here to personally invite you all to view a video I made about Democracy entitled 'Democracy is You'.I am sure you will enjoy it.

When I heard of the call to make a video about Democracy, I decided to make a video that will hopefully educate children on the values of democracy, while reminding us adults why it is so important to uphold it. I hoped to portray a childlike innocence in my video; if only we look at problems in a manner that is both open minded and unbiased, a very simple solution could often be found.

It has been selected as the top 18 video in the world out of 700 videos submitted for the Democracy Video Challenge. View it and if you do like it, please help me by voting for it.

To watch it either click here


1.Go to http://www.youtube.com/democracychallenge
2.Log into your youtube account
3.click on vote.
4.On the small search bar for video, type is the title. 'Democracy is you'
5.The video will appear.select it, watch it and vote by pressing the green thumbs up.

6.You can vote once everyday so if you can vote for it daily...

...with your vote, it could possibly be number 1.It is a democracy. Your vote count. thank you.

Please also do tell all your friends by posting this link
http://thefrogcroaks.blogspot.com/2010/06/democracy-is-you.html on facebook,blogs,twitter or wherever....thanks.

Warm regards.
Linus Chung


afams-chan said...

I love it!!! Well done!

I will vote this video. Thanks for sharing bro!~ Love to see more

Linus Linnaeus said...

thanks chan....please do tell your friends!

Diana Amira said...

Thanks for inviting me, once again I say :) P/S We did a wonderful job, didnt we!

Parameshwari said...

use full site
gud keep it up

RyoKenzaki said...

Yo linus! Nice video, i voted for u ;)
Really wish tat i have the chance to work with u in the future

RyoKenzaki said...

No worry Linus, i will add a post about ur video later
Im always interested in film making and production but haven't really got the chance to join one
Im currently a videographer cum video editor in a bridal shop :(
U can come and visit my collection anytime on Monday, linus :D


vini vidi vucinic said...

I will voted 4 u, but i don't have a youtube account, I'm sorry...

♥ Renise said...

all the best :]

ELI-A said...


suryadewa said...

visiting here with smile to ur nice blog



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