Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yes. Among my many hobbies, I keep cockroaches. I love them. I've kept cockroaches when I was young.Before the onset of playstation resulting in the stay indoor(perpetually forever infront of the LCD) kids nowadays, we kids back then had to amuse ourselves with various hobbies we would create.While some collected stamps and some that make jump rope out of rubber bands, I was the kid who tried to keep any little critter he finds in a bottle. The weirder the critter the better! So when my friend Dennis told me a few years back that he was breeding cockroaches...I was over at his house in a heart beat to see his cockroach collection. Then I couldn't resist but to start a 'cockroach box' of my own. What is a cockroach box? Well it's one of those RM20 plastic boxes for storing any miscellaneous items. We throw a few egg crate in to make a comfortable living area for our cockroaches and use it to store and breed them.

And whenever we want to spend quality time with our cockroaches, we simply open the lid and dip our hand into the box. The little dearies will immediately crawl up our hand lovingly.

Many of you probably think the cockroach box would stink.Well, in actual fact it doesn't.Just like any animals or humans...cockroaches stored ina clean environment and eating a healthy diet does not stink. The homeless prostitutes in Chow Kit probably stink but you don't stink do you? Get the picture? My cockroaches live on a diet of 'koko-crunch' and apples.

So why do I enjoy this hobby? Well there is something weirdly satisfying about opening your cockroach box to 1000 critters running about happily that makes it all worthwhile...also it is an awesome conversation piece.

Here are more pictures of some of my six legged dearies!


Ashed_Dreams said...

Is that white cockroach albino?

KasturiPurba said...

that what fresh molted roaches~ :D



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