Monday, October 31, 2011

7 Billion People!

An interesting piece of news caught my attention today on BBC. There is now officially 7 billion people in the world...that a 7 followed by 9 zeros!

When I was born on April 22nd 1980, there were only 4,437,950,810....I was the number 4,437,950,811 according to the special counter where you can insert your date of birth and see where you stand here

Wow...7 billion people....I guess it would be pretty hard to say I am one of a kind seeing that our unique traits will probably be coincidentally repeated by someone in the 7 billion...however,contradicting myself,it is truly a wonder that we are all still uniquely one in such a large number due simply to the fact that as a living being we evolve and mutate away from one another genetically becoming a unique one though having a common whole.

Doctors, Lawyers, Scientist,Teachers, Terrorist, Spies, Student, Filmmakers,Engineers,Botanist,Athletes,Prostitutes, Actors, Drivers...our species is truly unique in our sheer diversity in our work, fashion and food.I hope we celebrate our diversity...

I really hope being aware of how many people now share this planet... our species will clean up our act and be more environmentally friendly or we could really quickly deplete our resources resulting in our own suffering...

Cheers to all of you!!!!! My 7 billion friends!!!!

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Shark Diver said...

I am not part of the problem, proud to be 3,553,227,618!

Where's the fence? I mean shouldn't we have erected some sort of fence?



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