Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Froggie's New Film!!!

What stemmed from a childhood game that I used to play combined with the surroundings of my darling girlfriend's neighbourhood and her own memories made me write a film called 'Note of Love', a film that ask if a 6 year old can comprehend love and maybe so much more so, than we agenda filled adults.So after the story was set in white bleached flattened tree pulp...I set out to make my film. After crafting out the scenes, I went to find the locations, the neccesary permits and the camera, cast and crew.

The Time and Place
On the 5th of December up till the 10th December, I shot the film in PJ old town. It's very much a tribute to the place all it's dirtiness, in all it's derelict, there was this charm of a town where people lived and grew...where dreams started...My dear camera assist looked and me and actually said, we can't shoot...there's too much garbage strewn around....I was telling him...that's exactly the point...not everything needs to be model like beautiful...sometimes strewn garbage(now I am not advocating littering) weaves a beautiful tapestry.

Ambitious Project
It is my most abitious endeavour yet. From firemen to create artificial rain to a camera used by george lucas on shooting episode 1. I decided to pull all the stops...why? we should put money where our love and believe is no? I was nervous and anxiety filled from the onset but I tell myself that...I can and will...I can and will....

The Cast
Many says don't work with animals or kids...I had 5 of them...all around the age of 6.You know what? Many was wrong...despite some minor mood swings and temporarily stopping productions, the kids were a joy to work with. They truly touched my heart even as I looked through a small black and white viewfinder. Imagine the emotions blown up to a big screen...they'll blow people away....My actress, a budding dancer studying in Singapore named Alice (who was reccomended to me by her friend Trina) was also both gorgeous and alarmingly lovable despite being a little blur...she doesn't know mattel's barbie's ex was ken and pubic hair is not the term for the hair you shave off your chin...but no matter, guys will swoon for her when this movie is out.

The family
A terrible tremble...I've spent alot of money on this film...will this work out? will it be a disaster...schedule change,last minute cancellation by actors,a fishshop that changed his mind about letting me shoot.... The feelings I felt on bringing this film to life...fluctuated from near heart-attacks to moments of absolute bliss with the cast and crew...where smiles and well wishes were evident all around...but this is the organic way in which a film is organic ever changing and magical process, in the midst of it all I am sure the term family found.

There's still two more additional days of shoot required to finish this film that'll hike my cost further and though much less stressed...I still have to gear up for it....but seeing the visuals I've shot...not to be vain...not by my merits...but by the merits of all who were on this film...I feel the film will be a nice gentle touch on one's heart...exactly what I set out to do on my Note of Love.


carina said...

it already sounds like a lovely labour of love :)
jiayou Linus, jiayou!

hoknotyalc said...

What do you mean when you asked yourself .."will this work out? Will it be a disaster?". You just said that this project is something you love and beleive in. Its like a relationship with someone. Do u ask yourself if the relationship is going to work out or will it be a disaster? Of cause not. U just beleive and love that relationship no matter what barriers you face. The more barriers you face and the more you work harder to overcome them, shows that you are indeed a strong believe and lover in your project and would be enough to tell you that what you are doing is something not EVERYONE can do. Believe in yourself cause I know you have friends, family and strangers (like me)...who believes in you. Cheers

zan said...

hey linus... good to see you again at mui's premiere. and i'm glad to hear that your film is going well. i've got a film of my own too... just shot and i'm editing right now. i have a video blog documenting the whole filmmaking process at (shameless plug! hahaha!)

Alynna said...

Linus Linus Linus Linus Linus,

All the best. ;) Hope I can catch it when I get back.

langkau said...

linus, it's people like you who makes dream a reality! ;-)

kimfluttersby said...

wow... good on ya, been some time since i last visited your site.

but yeah...


McDonald's Mt Kiara, Wednesday, 10 Jan 2006 1.30pm.

(correct me if i'm wrong. haha)

gutscheine zum ausdrucken said...

sehr guter Beitrag



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