Friday, January 12, 2007

First Paintings in Four Years...

"You paint?"remarked one of my friend... "Yeah, I graduated fine arts" I a bemused look.

It's been four years since I applied paint onto canvas with a brush and despite doing it while weary and enduring sleepless nights, trying to meet an exhibition brought back many memories of my painting days. As paint gets splattered on my shirt, my face and all over my hands...yes,I am a very messy painter...I smile...

Painting to me is still a wonderful puts you into a meditative self reflecting state...much like walking...and induce many thoughts...I'd encourage any of you out there to paint...even if you don't know how...try it as paint on canvas therapy...I think it'll do you good.

The picture to my right is Eleanor art director I work with and my former college mate...she is in the same exhibition too. Her painting...a motive of stick very derivative of her style...using very neat almost geometrical straight lines and solid colours. It's a painting in it's own right, but to me I felt it's more graphic design inclined...though the art movement is already way past post-modernism, I am still very inclined to the renaissance ideals of art...the words are put in as a joke...

As I painted my canvas...I was abit frustrated as the four years between canvases did bring my skill level down and I was trying in vain to reach that level I know I was at but I did what I can...the two works you see here were completed in one day.

They are entitled Urban Sentiments 1 and 2 respectively. In the work I hope to show how often disregarded insignificant forms of nature, dried leaves and a weed growing out of a crack in the wall could be God's little romantic way to give us a little bit of green in our often grey urban settings. The unfinished look I feel complements the whole painting as it's meant to be raw and reflective of how in a modern jungle we are often left uncomplete...being totally away from our natural setting in a world of plastic and concrete.

Feel free to be an online art critic :P


hoknotyalc said...

Hey there. I too never knew you painted...but than again..i barely know you therefore I guess i can be excuse for making such a statement. :P

I really love the painting of the weed growing out of the crack in the wall. I love the way you explained the painting as well.

I also love how the tone of the wall tht the weed os growing out from seems to gets darker as it goes higher. Kinda reminds me on how we get deeper as we grow up. and the tone from light green to dark grey is like how fresh we were and how dark we become as we grow and how something as simple as a weed stands out in times of darkness.

Well...thts my two sens worth.

Keep painting dude.

chia said...

hey Linus...

great work! this must be the weirdest comment i've ever posted...but i need a hi res photo of yourself since the pictures i took of you didnt turn out can email it to me at

sorry ya to kacau you.


S h e r v e said...

let's just sayy...
what you did in a day...would take me a few months to accomplish.
and that would have to include the consideration that I took classes. Lol



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