Saturday, July 28, 2007

Froggie's Poster

Dear all.

My movie "a note of love" will be in cinemas this coming september. After much work,with ideas from fellow designer friends,this is close to final key comment on what you think of the poster as an audience.your input will be much to enlarge.Thanks



Sharon said...

it's lovely linus

Kimberly said...

hi linus and his team...!!
you guys did a great job..! the poster looks cute overall and it does bring out " A note of love" guys choose the correct photos to convey the meaning. I Love It...!!

Yun said...

Love the kuaci-s!

i think the 'e' in 'note' should be of a more contrasting colour so its more noticeable from far.

other than that, i love it how you get that warm fuzzy feeling when you look at the pictures. feels very homey. :)

savante said...

Love the poster - and the kuaci at the side as someone mentioned :) Gives you that warm homey nostalgic feeling.

Ariel said...

Hey Linus,

The poster is nice. But I think maybe the pictures can go a little higher because one of the pictures below (of two people hugging) isn't very noticable. Just my two cents. :)

ligurl said...

heyy! it is a really great poster, just that i do agree about the 'e' n the hugging pic. in fact, the words shouldnt really overlap the pics since the pics r bright, words r bright - clash! putting it against the background's better, in my opinion. btw the movie... i wanna seee!

Julian Cheong said...

I'm not being bias or anything but this movie I can't wait. Haha. Nice poster. Well, like most of the comments here about the 'e', i think a brighter colour should be good lah. The hugging picture is overlapped by the letters so it didn't really catch my eyes. But everything else is quite nicely done. Although the surprising part was seeing Daniel and Sharifah Amani in it. Haha. And I like the picture with the kid and the bras.

pixie said...

i can't believe all the comments are so good! am I the only honest and critical one? dearie?

Vin Sen said...

Poster like that will be appreciated at festivals and as art pieces on its own, but doesn't do much for the movie it needs to portray.

1- People too small as they end up in small photos laid out to look even smaller while emphasis is diverted to the thematic element.

2- Thematic element stands out too much and should be used like this only in non-functional parts of a promo booklet, not as the poster keyart. On this one, it is practically 100% of the foreground

3- The selection of people photos focuses too much on scenes that probably mean a lot to someone in the production, but aren't the ones that will sell the movie to onlookers minds.

The purpose of a movie poster is to
a) grab the eye of the passer-by,
b) maintain interest with a captivating element, and
c) while maintaining interest, have enough in it to stir/brew/seed interest in wanting to check the movie out.
This poster does none of the above.

Much bigger presence of the face (or whole person) of the most suitable person or main person, (ie the girl) even if partially outside the poster, with a key expression of the feeling conveyed by the title. Let only 20% of the theme elements be foreground and the rest be relegated to status of background or surrounding elements.

Anyway, just blabbering on with no real motive or end result. Hope you enjoyed the comments

Sparks said...

Blow up the faces! Make it look like polaroids...arrangement like the slideshow you put down there..ppl get attracted to faces (& names :( ), like it or not =P

adriene said...

hi linus, congratulations! any way that i can watch it here in tokyo?


Anonymous said...

Hi Linus,

Looking forward to it. Is it coming to Kuching?


LMF said...

Hey Linus,

Is the the same piece of movie that you mentioned in Jan 2006
'A Letter of Love (Again)'?

Anyone knows?

babyPup said...

LMF, if i'm not wrong, yes you are right.

Hey froggie, finally i've got some time to drop comments :)

ok, firstly i feel the heart thingy is a lil oversized compared to the pictures. Perhaps resize the heart to be a bit smaller, and the pics a bit bigger. Then center the heart and arrange the pics around it.

Secondly, bold the 'LOVE' in the title. That way, you attract the attention to that keyword. Oh, and i tink you should remove the bra pic. Let that be a surprise element in your movie.. rather than in your stills.

That's all from me. Good work all round. Looking forward to meeting up with you all again .


tracychong said...

hi Linus,

Just wanted to say congrats on your movie. Wish I could see it! All the best!

iluvtina said...

love the poster! will definitely watch the movie!

Anonymous said...

when is it showing?

gAn said...

hi linus, the poster is very nice,Congratulation!! hope i've time for the movie.... All the best!!

Anonymous said...

how come the poster very "gol and gincu" one?



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