Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Endau Rompin Part 2 - Buaya Sangkut

Buaya Sangkut is the main attraction of Endau Rompin National Park. It's quite a something to behold in it's sheer height and vastness. Just being there and hearing the roaring water pass by, you feel that you are in the grasp of mother nature and that you are home...

In terms of numbers this waterfall is 30 meters wide and drops 17 000 gallon of water per second from a height of 120 meters. This is an aerial shot of the waterfall sourced from the net.

The three red dots on this picture denotes the points in which the following photographs were taken...

All waterfalls comes with interesting rockface by which to explore. I also suggest jamming yourself on a rock and let the rushing water thread your muscles giving you a good massage. Buaya Sangkut is offers all these but due to the sheer size of the waterfall, there is a need to remain in constant guard as not to be swept by strong currents that can tear you to bits with the sharp rocks or suck you down and drown you..


.:Baby Gin:. said...

=p now i leave a msg. fugz gf here why no tagboard! booo

Eddie Tuen said...

I didn't know we had a helicopter on standby for you to take those aerial pictures... ;)



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