Friday, December 25, 2009

Blessed Christmas.

One friend decided to spend his christmas at Euphoria. Another decided to go for a home party and worship at the booze altar while another was fighting with his girlfriend over where to eat dinner. Some friends actually told me they didn't know christmas was a christian celebration. Well, he is half right, christmas 'holiday' or more appropriately 'holy-day' doesn't feel very christian anymore but more another reason to indulge in alcohol and senseless partying. (Holiday originally referred only to special religious days and originated from the word holy-day)

I do not mean to be anyway preachy but I went to church. I went with Sum and Aurelius. Two of my regular camping buddies. Sum is trying to find faith. Aurelius has been a lapsing Catholic but tries to make it a point to go for church on Christmas at least.

My parish priest, Father Simon Yong, gave an awesome homily(priest personal commentary on a scripture reading). **this is my interpretation and is not in verbatim.**

He started saying that christmas. God becoming man so that we can share in his divinity and how profound that is that God has come into the world to make our faith; a factuality...a reality.
Jesus our savior came. Does our action of making ourselves less to christianity and the celebration of christmas makes Jesus any less Jesus or Christmas any less Christmas? It does not...but if we do give ourselves our chance to be embraced by him, who come that we can share in his divinity. Sometimes our desires for a greater world does not come in grandeur but in the mere bowing in reverence that we are a part of greatness. Creatures before a creator.

This post comes abit late....but blessed christmas everyone. Rejoice for the savior has come.

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Happens even more cheerfully :)



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