Sunday, December 20, 2009

Maurice the Lizard

Sorry for the delay on the fishkeeping post...still writing it and it's technical.

Anyway, This is Maurice the lizard. He was named Maurice because while I was preparing the film, I had a cat nap in the afternoon and dreamt that maurice came up to me and said,"hello, my name's maurice"
Maurice has a small role in my new film called frog 2, a sequel to my first successful short film demolition frog. I have wanted to do this sequel for so long but it was plagued with so many false starts...but i am happy it's finally off the ground.

Maurice is a pretty good slave labour actor and in the film he has to outrun this...which of course he'll probably fail. But he has a small role anyway so it doesn't matter if he dies.

Still the good thing about directing a lizard is...if he does not listen to can always pick him up and give him a good shake.

until the pleads for dear life.

It's really quite fun.In a sadistic way.


Ashed_Dreams said...

looked awsome. Erm... r u guys gona rip Maurice apart when u guys are done with him?

HuonHengChai said...

No! I'm gonna use Maurice for an idea i have in mind

first_nexus said...

Is Maurice made of clay?

Linus Linnaeus said...

yes.plasticine or oil based modeling clay



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