Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Expressive Froggie!

Here are some expressive ways to present the marvels that's a froggie....contribute your stories, jokes, musings, thoughts and eceteras on a frog or frogs in general at the comments section below...first ten gets a starlight cinema double pass ticket to any show except LOTR! do leave your email so I can get the ticket to you...

starlight cinema starts tommorow!!!!!yippeee!!!!!



Anonymous said...

serious or not abt the starlight cinema tics?? even for ppl u do not know? haha well if ur serious, I WANT!
Anyway i commented b4, back in May or April, somehow my long comment didn't come out!
I'm CY who stumbled upon ur blog when i was searching for 'sepet' on google. How fortunate! I had just finished watching Sepet and wanted to read up on extras on that show...for eg..the ending of the show. My friends and I are kinda ??? abt the ending. All of us have our own interpretations.
I think u lead an interesting life, pursuing ur passion (well at least that was wat i read abt u from other sources) Hopefully one day i'll have the guts to pursue mine and leave some practicalities of life behind!
Nice meeting u!
here's my email chienyinkoh@yours.com

toodles :D

Anonymous said...

wahhh just realised u asked to comment on froggies. Well here's a story, in 2002 i was in a friend's hse. We were ready to go out. I was standing aroudn while he sat down wearing his shoes. Suddenly i heard him mutter "wat the---argh!!" He thought that there was some wet tissue stuck inside his shoe, when he reached inside, he brought out a frog instead! muahahha :P The frog escaped, hopping away, unharmed :)

Dee M said...

I'll hop away the moment I see a frog..he he..and no I don't comment to get the free tix.Geographical reasons etc.;)

Linus Linnaeus said...

Dear Dee M....owe you a movie and a cuppa tea next time you are in my vicinity.Cy...call me about you tic...


Anonymous said...

call? number?

Anonymous said...

okie, received ur email :)

Dafthamsta said...

Froggie stories? Here's mine... a couple of months after we moved into my new family home (complete with a large koi pond with a man-made waterfall), froggie mating season started.

Our nights were never to be the same again... a crescendo of croaks could be heard throughout the night, and I am not exaggerating when I say that the noise is deafening. (I reckon the walls surrounding the house did a grand job of echo-ing the croaks towards our bedroom).

Out of desperation, I enlisted the help of a good buddy to evict our amourous amphibian squatters. Armed with a flashlight each and a bucket filled with some water, we launched "Operation Kermit" one night, and successfully captured 7 big-assed frogs that were trying to hump each other in the koi pond.

What did we do with our prisoners? Well, I drove the bucket about 10 minutes away to a public playground that has plenty of bushes and longkangs and released them. To be honest I rather doubted that they were of culinary quality anyway....hehehe...

Now gimme my tix! :)

babyPup said...

eee. slimy frog stick on babypup's nice soft fur :P
hehe kidding bout that.
famous frogs:
kermit the frog
the frog in the game 'frogger'

linus, anymore?

Linus Linnaeus said...

babypup, dafthamsta

....leave your email on the message so I can contact you regarding your tickets...like what CY didlah!

dafthamsta...like your froggie thriller...my heart was like getting tighter and tighter up to the point you said they were of no culinary use...

babypup...flattery does have it's
use!!!!heheheheh call me for your tic.


Dafthamsta said...

Dear Linus,

Silly me. But then, I'm supposed to be a silly rodent anyway...

Ok, here it goes: Dafthamsta@yahoo.com

And no worries on the safety of those amphibian romeos and juliets in the pond. I believe in "Live and let live".


Dee M said...

Whee...so I shall claim the movie and tea time when I go over to KL again.Was just there in April and earlier this month,aiya...your post came a wee bit too late.Til next KL trip.

babyPup said...

hey linus. can't access my friendster :P send mail to : ninehneh@gmail.com . Daryl here btw

ajasu said...

hi linus... just wanna share with u my story of frogs.. It started since i'm in form 4. My friend and I did caught a frog, and put it in a box and leave it in one boy bag. Unfortunately for the frog the boy didn't open his bag for few days (we're in boarding school, students leave their bags in class). By the time we finally open the box ourselves, the frog was so weak and couldn't even jump out of the box... we felt so guilty, we finally released the frog and try to fed him to no avail... sorry frog..

the other story is 'frog of my life'. I felt in love with this guy (who's now my hubby)... he told me i'm a witch because i cast spell on him that he couldn't take his eyes off me.. so i told him if i'm a witch i will cast a spell on him and turn him to frog, and later i'll be a princess so i could kiss him and turn him to a prince. To my suprised he played along the role as frog and later he bought me a frog (soft toys) that cost him rm150 for one frog. And since then (1996) he bought me anything that has frog face on it or frog looking. I still keep the frog toys… and now we gave the frog toys to my one year old daughter unfortunately she doesn’t think it cute….




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