Saturday, June 11, 2005


A friend of my sent this to me so being proudly
Sarawak to the bone I placed it here!!!!!!


Thousands of i.d.i.o.t questions

1.hey!u swak ppl live in trees ah?
YES,we have elevators too..they're really an
engineering feat coz its not ez to fit an elevator
into a tree.

2.u guys got electricity isit?
YES..but since cost of transmission is too high
due to the geographic barriers,we use independant
solar panels n mini turbines scattered all ard,they r
exactly 30k of them!!

3.over ther got wht car?
we ride wild boar.when the plane arrive at the
airport,we take our wild boar n ride it all the way
to our tree house.

4.Got road meh?
no.just jungle trails n few roads ard town

5.u bidayuh form sulawesi there huh?
yes we r head hunters.human brain is the best

6.s'wak inside sabah right?
no,we're one independent state u idiot,sabah is a
town in s'wak ;),sabah s'wak not the same meh?
yes!!how many times i have to tell u sabah is a
town in s'wak

8.Kuching big ha?
soso la..but we have the largest population of
stray cats in the world.abt 400k,y do u think the
city is called kuching leh u idiot?!!

9.kuching got so many cats la....
YES LA!!!how many times i have to say??

10.Kuching got malay?

11.s'wak ppl can speak english?
no.but we speak french coz we were colonized
by the french in the 18 century n then by the
aliens in the 19,so our local dialect is pretty much
based on the alien languages tht no one

12.Kuching got airport or u use boat go johor..
kuching airport is only fit for fokker.... since a
fokker cant go so far...we have to use
steamboats,no joking!!steam boats coz swak so
rich with timber,its much cheaper than diesel or
any other petrol

1.the only state to be ruled by a white RAJAH.
2.swak is the largest state in m'sia.
3.swak supports whole m'sia with its own
economy!!!now u know how generous we r !
without us....where got PUTRAJAYA??where
come KLCC?????
4.swak population is 2176800.kuching has
5.there r 27 ethnic groups tht speaks 45 different
languages n dialects
6.70%is english literate!!
7.kuching int'l airport hosts a number of direct int'l
8.swak has never achieved independence. ruled
by the BROOKE family,given to the british
empire,offered to m'sia.
9.kuching is the most liveable city in m'sia n the
7TH most liveable city in the WORLD...even kl is
behind at 12th..

1.we have electricity kuching,we c mercedes benz till we wanna
puke!u fool!!
3.the only ppl tht live on trees r those primitive
homo sapiens....thousands of years ago........nvr
study kah bodoh!
4.our guys r handsome n chicks r hot.real hOt~~
5. The size of Kuching is the equivalent of..
uumm.. uumm.. the size of..
uumm.. big la big la.. {[nick: almost the size of
semenanjung malaysia,about
124,449.51 square km]
6. kuching is one of the best cities to live
in around!! yoyoyo... kuching rocks!kch kia n ppl
now we realli realli know how lucky we r !


Anonymous said...

hi linus
haha. quite funny even for a Penangite like me who has heard the same things from the Sarawakian in my house. He's also pissed about how S'wak oil money is funding the roads and buildings here in Semenanjung! But you know what, food in Penang is still the best, kolo mee or no kolo mee! ;-) #Krista#

San said...

Hi linus. Hehe, this is funny. A fellow Kuchingite, I never realised how ignorant people (Malaysians) can be about a state that is part of their own country until I came over to Semenanjung to study. People can ask really idiotic questions, another reason to doubt our education system.

joanne said...

Hi Linus! I'm Daryl kueh's friend. he gave me this blog site to read. this is hillarious! well it's not the first time, we Sabahans get this pretty much as well. talking about the education system in Malaysia huh...i wonder what did they learn from sejarah in highschool. ahahaha . daryl gave me your number, he said u've been pretty busy, will call u some other time then. :P

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Mar said...

hahah...i hv the same thing on my blog!

albeit later than urs...but i just stumbled on ur site ystdy..

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