Friday, April 14, 2006


Was at church, the veneration of the cross service, a blessed wretched sinner as usual...blessed (i think I've been very in my journey thus far) wretched sinner ( I have not been the epitome of good) but I really want to try to be. Church was solemn but after I felt suprisingly happy...Salvation is there, now we just have to want it..

Everytime in church I feel sorry....I feel very small....sometimes, I honestly do not want to go to church for the reason of feeling unworthy...but my pixie tells me...that's is you who most need the Lord and the redemption offered by him...

It's very difficult to be a good Catholic today...there are just too many avenue to do wrong and yet I think we are a generation with the most abundance of excesses and convenience...things that we should be grateful for and at the same time wary that it doesn't blur our view off the actual essence of life. I do not kill and neither do I behave like a casanova but I still feel largely inadequate to my faith as a Catholic...


deborah said...

Linus, you don't have to feel sorry. I've been there and felt the same too. But Christ has broken the curse of death on the cross and you're redeemed! =)

If we only believed in the power of His salvation.

midnite lily said...

its the Catholic/Christian conscience we're been ingrained with. happy easter!

sharon said...

Happy Easter Linus and Zhiying!

iluvtina said...

i feel it too. happy easter!

sharon said...

Happy Birthday froggy!

Check this out:
Happy Morgue: A Birthday Tribute

Your friend.
22 APRIL 2006

Shihui said...

Hey Linus,
Shihui here, if you remember.. ^^ ZhiLing's friend.

Yupz, read your blog. Glad u had a great time with Zhi Ling... finally holiday already that gal ^^

Haha, anywayz just leaving a comment for this blog:

"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. Ephesians 2:8-9"

No worries about the sinning part... like you said, we are humans, we do make mistake.. the good news is we are not saved by what we can, but rather salvation is given free to us.

A little illustration: Read the story in this link
under the Feb 19.2006 post - Your Sins are forgiven.

Going to church is actually refreshing.. ^^ especially when God speaks to you, He's not the punisher that seek to punish your every mistake. But like a Father, wanting to love you all the time.

Take care. ^^

Anonymous said...

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