Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Birthday for Mum

*my mum is the one in the pink and white striped shirt standing in front of my dad who stands just beneath me...please click on photo to enlarge*

I had a small Christmas and New Year gathering on the 28th of December 2007. It was also a surprise birthday party for my mum.It was populated by a few friends,most of the note of love cast and of course mum and dad who were visiting me from sarawak.

It was to a mum who loves me so much...who gave me birthdays when i was young....who went to school during break time and waited by the school gate gate to pass me a lunch box that i have forgotten...who smiled when I achieved any small success...who teared when she had to fight me when my whims as a child I wanted things that may not be good for was also for a mum who bought me the toys i wanted...

My mum and I have our fair share of disagreements...but which child had never quarreled with a parent? In everything I know she just wanted the best for me, her son...even though sometimes generation gap meant

I didn't know how I could thank I thought I gave her a small the cake came out...and a confetti cannon shot....she nearly joy. so did I.

My mum was esthatic and said give her time to make a wish..."close to retirement meant even my wishing is slow"...she tried to joke...

I m glad you are happy mum...Happy Birthday.

To you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Thanks to evelyn who helped with the food marination,eleanor with shopping,dennis with the fire and everyone who came and added merriment....


HuonHengChai said...

Thanks for inviting and the great food bro

Cmate said...


Thanks for the invite. I am still a sucker with strangers, especially in groups. :)

P/s: Watching DVDS are not as fun as the cinema.

Sharon said...

happy new year dear friend! was thinking of you when i was back in kuching... god bless!



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