Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone....Remember...Emmanuel! :)

do light a candle for yourself...god loves you

I wanted to write this blog mocking how the church swells up everytime christmas comes along.How the roads leading to churches gets jammed up and how once a year christians suddenly show up in amazing number for church.I also want to write about how it's an irony that as I turn on my radio on christmas eve, I don't get a traditional christmas carol but rather a rap song with a few words of christmas and a few words of baby. I wanted to write about how a large number people are aiming to celebrate christmas by getting drunk and showered by champange rather than to be anyway close to the church.but i won't because I feel that writing all that will be very pretentious for someone who is too in many ways a sinner. But I do also feel really happy and I rather share that than negate in this yultite season of goodwill.

Christmas is a christian celebration of God keeping his promise to send us salvation.It's is this day that God is made man. However, to most of us sadly it's now christmas tree and santa, or if you're older...it time to skip from party to party.I am not against celebration, if fact I want to tell you about how we forgot about the celebration...celebrating christmas...celebrating the birth of the son of God.

I was all alone on christmas eve. Originally I wanted to follow my family who's making a trip down Singapore but I ended up deciding to stay back to clear my workload instead. But it's okay, I am strangely very happy. Aside from talking to my long distance girlfriend on skype, I hardly feel alone.I am singing songs more jubilantly than before and at 10pm, I made my way to st.francis xavier church for midnite service.

There is a pre-mass session where everyone was singing together. From Gloria to It came upon a midnite clear. The crowd's joined voices that resounded in a united choral already moved me to tears. Of happiness. Honestly, not to be corny...I was trying to tell myself...to stop myself...why am I crying...am I over dramatising the situation for myself? Feeling holiness by evoking it within with grand ideas of how we're in church? Well, I am not...I don't have to.Merely being in the presence of a big group of people who have come togethr to celebrate the coming of christ alone is a feeling that is undescribable. I felt so happy...and I think I am not the only one.
Turning around, I see other people also happy to the brink of tears.

It's christmas...I have a mum and a dad who's healthy, a beautiful girlfriend zhiling whom I love alot, friends who care, a job that I enjoy so much, enough to eat and be happy...God, thank you for your gifts to me...how good you have been to me...a sinner like me...thank you Lord...

That's all I want to say...

God love you too...Emmanuel. It means 'God with Us'. Merry Christmas Everyone. May God's Blessing be Upon You All.


Cybermate said...

You know, I wrote something on Christmas too. But it's probably not suitable for ya since you are a Catholic. But check it out anyway at http://mini-bites.blogspot.com/2007/12/christmas-sensation.html

It's true. The number of people multiply in church only on Christmas Day. That's why I try not to attend my own church on Christmas day. Imagine from 3000 people to 6000 people, the regular church goers get kick out of their own church cause the sanctuary is overflowing.

Well, what am I crapping? Christmas is beginning to lose its meaning to many people. But thank god, you are not one of them.

Jolly good Christmas, pal!

rambochai said...

yeah .. u are right... the day also - EMANUEL... :) merry Christmas...

Dawn said...

Yeah, good post, Linus. I always enjoy midnight masses during Christmas. Always brings a sense of inner joy and fulfillment. Totally understand your feelings when you arrived at SFX.



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