Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates.slept at already awake at 5.27am to start shoot on mother at 6.30 time frame is very short but I am doing my best and praying it will come together for release on astro, mother's day.


Cybermate said...

A story on mothers or Buddha fairytale?

At first glance, the msg seems to be talking about Chinese religion or culture. Artistic but not strong enough to deliver your msg about MOTHERS.

HuonHengChai said...

I think the message is strong, despite being in her current position, the mother still believes in God and still prays for the family and despite having to work, she still sacrice her time to take care of the well being of her children and trys to improve their lifestyle.

hmm... didn't I take this picture?


Vin Sen said...

At first glance, the visual gives the impression that it in itself has a story to tell but ends up having difficulty conveying it coherently. Either that or this was originally just a plain random shot with no message, planning or intention, which happened to have pleasing colour and contrast spreads.

The elements that throws the onlooker off from the title somewhat include:
- The only "face" facing the on-looker is the altar plaque (which helped with cybermate's remark)
- I can't really tell the age or gender (Linus also has/had ponytails) of the wheelchair bound person, so it could very well be a mother having left a disabled daughter, and two school-homework ridden kids to fend for themselves.
- Is the environment the item of relevance or are the people's actions? The evenness of distributon between the clutter and multiple non-standing-out characters almost makes the people part of the background, offering no foreground "focus" to the visual.

Linus Linnaeus said...

cymate...i somehow felt your comments though valid are a little too focused on the altar...and religion...almost implying an over sensitivity to seeing a chinese ancestorial altar and screaming buddha! if you see the two vases on the top...the white vase is to buddha but the left one is to ancestors...buddha actually only takes the top right corner of the picture.

Thanks vinsen for your ever wise remarks...and here are my opinion...I am more complicated than you think...and hence i like a picture that can be comprehended in many ways, in your multiple interpretation of my one already reinforced wht I was trying to portray...there is many complexities for the word mother...message not clear? maybe i never intended it to be clear... :P

In a production talk...Thanks dennis for 'operating' the camera :P while I lit and set up, compose the shot...


Trina said...

there's no strong indication as to whether or not the woman in the wheelchair is the mother besides the big font that spells "MOTHER". and that's working only on an assumption that the two should be tied together.

the glowing shrine on the floor is a little scary.


at first glance, before i analysed the whole thing, as a normal person who would have simply glanced across it, i thought it was fantastic. i love the setting, the mess, the authenticity, the kids on the floor, the stain on the floor, the old sewing machine, everything (except for the shrine maybe).


all the best!

Marvin said...

Love this poster. Great composition, nice colour and it tells the story. The text also blends in with the pic very well, without losing its message.

Heads up.



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