Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mother -trailer 1

freshly out of the edit terminal,this is the first trailer for my film 'mother'...sorry for a few translation error and gramatical errors in the subtitling....was rushing it last night on little sleep....subtitling it at 4am....the part where she carry rice should be peeling garlic...thanks for pointing it out CY...sorry, will be ammended later...i hope you'll have a look at it...i've never seen so much courage and raw will to live no matter what than in this person...


Cmate said...

Looks cool.

Cmate said...

Looks cool.

Cybermate said...

the shades of colours, tone... and momentum suit a documentary style

i thought it was good... but lack of attention grabbing factor

cause my brother watched and decides to walk away. my mom only watched for the first 1 min, says interesting... but still walk away.

interesting... but still walk away... not engaging enough?

i was more interested at her story thus watched till the end, though i find it a little too... you know.. a straight line kinda mode, instead of up and down. like she was telling a story so stalely served from the oven. can't really feel it for her, not yet. but its just my point of view

Jee said...

i think cybermate has a point.
where else can we watch this besides astro? i'd like to know her story but i dont have astro

Irene said...

i agree with cybermate. lack of up and down. overall okay still. at least i could sit and watch it all.

Trina said...

linus! sorry my comment's a bit late.

i loved it.

watched it from start till end.
all the best!



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