Thursday, February 19, 2009

Living s Dream. Dying for It

The following is an animation by Doni Permedi pulled of youtube. It has been seen millions of times on you tube. I love the animation but more than that I love the note that it has a very happy ending though alot of people would disagree with me and say it's unbearably sad..

It's about a kiwi fulfilling a dream and succeeding...and then he died.What's so sad about that? I think it's sadder to be living a long life but never finding your dream...never ever realizing a dream. And just staying alive kicking yourself that your life is just a mundane repetition of sleep,wake,work cycle.

I am living my dream...and if i should die I be happy. But truly...if I do one day make a 007 James Bond film under the Brocolli family...I am done and will be ready to face death with a smile the very next day!

Do you have a personal dream that if you are a success you be ready to go?



Anonymous said...

Hi Linus!

Great thoughts of you! I would like to add another side to that.

I think that there is always something to live for. If you think everything is done, you should think again and i know you will find something more to reach. It has nothing to do with being never satisfied but something with always being full of the feeling that there is always a think to learn new or different.

Once we asked a 8th dan in Kendo how we could do Kendo now for about 50 years, 6 days per week, 8 hours a day and not got bored. He replied "I figured out that any time I managed to master a new technique in Kendo I found out that there are 10 new ones waiting for me to be mastered. And that never stopped!"

I guess that the same with life.
So when you finally create your first bond, there will another idea waiting for you there to get caught.

The mind is unique and endlessly creative...WONDERFULL isn´t it?

Enjoy your day over there!

Greeting from all white Austria and take care.


p.s. I agree, this kiwi is not at the end when he disappears in the fog, but finally at the beginning of a new stage of his life. :-)

ellacy said...

hmm..i commented to Linus over msn and he forced me to put it here it is,

I said, I know it's an animation and there is creative license to it, however, how can a kiwi pull so many is abit over the board in my opinion...

Having said that, I do like it, cos like Linus said, it is a bitter sweet is an achievement at the end..

Linus Linnaeus said...

because my dear...when you want a dream badly enough you do whatever it takes...

and that's what blog comments are for...dun ask me on msn what's on my blog...




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