Friday, February 06, 2009


Firstly I like to thank god for filling my life with all these weird instances that I truly enjoy...

It was two am in the morning, I was trying to get a bit more tidying up done before going to bed when i got a phone call. " Dude, do you have small containers?" Dennis said on the other side of the line. I immediately knew this was going to be an interesting night....

Dennis is my assistant, friend and tarantula boy extraordinaire...girls...he's still single and very available!!! =P

For the longest time dennis has been trying to breed tarantulas...and finally he had a successful trial. Yesterday...metaphorically, he became a two hundred babies.

"I have alot of film boxes." I answered.
"Allright...I am coming to get them..." dennis replied.
"No...I'll send them over" I added...what the hell was that idiot thinking...I was not going to miss National Geographic 'Live'...and now if i die I can say that I have seen a clutch of tarantulas coming out from the egg sack.

Arriving shortly...i saw spider boy exceedingly happy his perpetual grin even wider than usual...out of courtesy I asked "I hope you dun mind me taking pictures..." "please take as many...and did you bring the video?"says a happy dennis

It was all very interesting...the mother tarantula even shook her egg sac to get the spiderlings out.

But shortly later...we had to settle to something important.We have to separate each spider into individual containers because

1)spiderlings eat each other.
2)spiderlings wander and may spread all over the room(they are small enough to fit out of the large enclosure...
It took an entire night because we had to pack up a small film box with peat and then gently nudging each spiderling by one...

At the end of the night...the proud father has over 200 cases each with one spider. They will be reay for sale as soon as they stabilize...tarantulas anyone?

I am officially a tarantula keeper now...having been given two tarantula for helping out to package tarantulas from 3 am till 7am. it has been interesting to say the least....


adriene said...

this is amazing :) post the photo!


Jace said...

I'm not sure if I am amazed or totally creeped out! But this must have been an interesting night for you!

(I was led to your blog from CO. Love your current and previous entry. The painting is gorgeous. Keep it up!)

Alice Teh said...

All you CRAZY people! LOL. Happy tarantula-ing!

Cmate said...

I am interested to have one as a pet, always wanted something like a tarantula... but it sure looks dangerous just in case it got out of the container or my mom screamed cry-wolf for nothing.... I dont mind an iguana too... a crabby would be cute.

KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS said...

isit for sale? I want 2 pairs later when it's young enuf to be given away. Hehe... how much isit? they're cute. isit poisonous?

Linus Linnaeus said...

It will be for sale.please go to this blog to inquire about purchase...i am the friend who helped out and not the owner of the spiders. I hear they are going between RM20 - 30 each. problem is you cannot just buy a pair because you can't sex them until they have grown up by which they will not be as cheap as RM20-30.

It is not fatal poisonous but would hurt like hell and numb hand if bitten.

Lin said...

Will be back in malaysia in march! wanna see em!!

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