Sunday, February 15, 2009

Majesty in a waterfall and a mountain

tabur hill sunrise on 15th February 2009

I recently scolded a friend until she cried for drinking until she's drunk...I reported to her mum.She's 19, i felt it's neccesary.I then wonder why this same stupid friend would just go to a nightclub for socialising when it's full of cigarette smoke. she said she can control herself. But like I told her...anyone that get into trouble never realise their slip into trouble that's the tragedy.Friend you know who you are....
perting waterfall

Alot of my friends complain that drinking and smoking is due to a boring life and yet when I say "Be at my house at 4.45 am, we drive out there and start hiking at 5.30 am." they give excuses like 'WTF??!' and 'Linus, i need my sleep and don't be crazy'. However these very same people would spend the entire night out drinking or working...that I think is crazier still...and hardly as majestic.

With my group the trail trackers the past one year has been filled with early Saturday and Sundays. Alot of credit has to be given to aurelius who would routinely and efficiently call and remind everyone of the date as well as make the neccesary research and logistical planning. Dennis will become the resident boy scout, clown and weed whacker while I a fellow assistant tracker, clown and photographer.

On the 14th of February with merely a two hour sleep I got up and off we went to bentong where we trek to perting falls. Honestly like anyone...i do have trouble getting my engine started and sometimes a warm bed is hard to get out of. But I do everytime and have never ever regretted getting out of bed...Our ritual is always first having a good breakfast together. trek full of good cheer and silly fun. On this trip...We had a good laugh when our trail leader for this trip dennis jumped right into the river and freezed his balls off to realise that he was going the wrong way. We also discussed everything from lee priest(body building) to dennis irritating need to constantly fart and how it
might be a good idea to plug him up with a good stick. Among all this we trash through a forest that always let you feel remarkable alive as you negotiate through fallen trees and mud and sticks in your face not to mention free blood cleaning leeches.

Then we come up to our reward of a nice tranquil waterfall by which we have more sharing, chit chat and crazy fun with and without cameras.
this is our second trip to perting...pic above we came here
almost a year ago...notice the photo below

I cannot describe the joy it is to swim in the river and have the cold water soothe tired you while you explore the very interesting almost alien terrain below...
Then it was back to a good satisfying some work done and then later in the day, prime torch lights and neccesary equipment and again a two hour sleep before once again ascending a mountain...on the 15th of February, again everyone was on time to my house and again in good cheer, this one was a small group with me leading.

This time round, beginner tracker stephanie lee did start crying out within 15 minute of uphill hiking. "I can't take this anymore...leave me here...i'll wait" she said. We give her a four minute break and then we ushered her to carry on and telling her that she's okie...gradually her initial reluctance subsided and she managed it up too. and in her own words on an sms to me " never know kl hav such nice view place, thanks for inviting, highly appreciated and enjoy very much"

two cameras and an insurance policy =P
sometimes I feel we let too much natural beauty go to waste or we simply put don't see it....and then we gloomly say how life is gray. It's so easy to find inspiration on the mountain.... I am writing this blogpost with the hopes you guys start hiking too and discover the marvel of it all....I am so grateful for my hiking friends....

corny as it sounds .... there is so much beauty and life in nature...

grand canyon august 2008

so much much does the trip cost? Well a trip to the grand canyon would set you off alot...but a trip up tabur will cost you say RM 30 for the group...RM 15 for breakfast and RM 10 for petrol.
Sungai perting abit more for petrol and restaurant lunch at RM 33 per person.


Cheap huh? and much more stimulating than a silly night breathing stale cigarette air at a night club.

Friends...feel free to call me if you are keen to go on a trip. Oh and to everyone please don't be an asshole and if you go on these trips...have the decency to keep clean and carry trash out....


HuonHengChai said...

wtf!? no one brings machete to tabur, freaking inconvinient and risky :P
Show off

Linus Linnaeus said...

well was partially for showing off purpose but well i learnt it from you dumbass! =P

Mitcheliza said...

Drinking gives you vertigo...which is somewhat relaxing..what better place than a dim smokey room with glaring lights...well, then again one could just spin around & around to get the same effects

How do you get to go for all those trips? :( Please share, I miss the squelchy feel of damp leaves under my bare feet :P

S.H.I.N.G said...

Pretty pretty!!!! GORGEOUS view! Everytime I check out your blog, it makes me feel like wana go for these trips..
stupid work!
One day ok I promise myself I will join u.. =p



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