Sunday, April 10, 2005

Quick, who's the leng chai star in Vanilla Sky? Who's the director of a better tommorow? Who's the director of Jurassic Park? ...the answers? Tom Cruise, John Woo and Steven Spielberg.I think most of you will have gotten them right...but what if I ask you who's the gaffer? (person who does the lights) or the sound man? Today I photographed some of my friends who work in the film industry...not as flamboyant actors or hotshot 'chick-magnet' directors, but the often unheralded heroes behind the magic of it all...many of you have congratulated me on SEPET but two of these people also worked hard to realise that film...the other three also serve to bring you stuff like commercials, kopitiam, 3R, homecoming and Visits: the hungry ghost anthology. Please give a hand of applause to my good friends; Yoke who's was a camera assist and now a soundman, Eleanor Low the art director, Auntie Zai the makeup artist, Pitrine the production coordinator and Kamariah the production assistant! Auntie Zai has worked as makeup since I was 2 years old and she's the one who has worked on SEPET...other little foreign movies which bears her touches? Entrapment and Anna and the King! : P BRAVO!!!!!!!! Also buy Vida who deserves credit for greenlighting an article high-lighting these marvelous hidden gems!


venus said...

thank you for bringing into real "realization" of those behind the camera.
i agree with you that most people look at those in front of the camera with awe but just tend to forget those who've succesfully put the movie together, ending up not giving them any credits -that they actually deserve.

it just brings us to a conclusion that life is like a form of symbiosis.
you depend on one another for living, no roles should be considered unrelevant or unimportant.
just as in the case of frogs and dampness (or mayb this is not a good example...*sweats*)

anyhow, thanks :)

lishun said...

there wouldn't be films, shows, commercials, etc without the crew. it's right to acknowledge them, but it's also right to forgive people for forgetting. we only know what we see. thanks for bringing names and faces to the people behind the actors, the directors, the high-profile names. =)

midnite lily said...

hmm.. good angle for the article ^__~

but! a few things... it's not PITRINE... it's FITRINE. and... did you get permission to shoot at our Channel [V] Studio B? hmmm? -_-

Anonymous said...

Dear Zona,

I asked premission or else how else would I get in there.

Actually, I wanted to shoot everyone at their individual workplace but due to time constraints I decided to do it all in one place.

Besides, the article is nothing offensive but publicity.

Much regards and call me for a drink if you are free...




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