Monday, April 18, 2005

No internet : (

my internet's those who pop by...thanks alot...will be back posting shortly after I ammend my 'connection' problem.


deborah said...

Hahaa, I met your friends ... Jon Yap and Kim today at their place in SS4. Know Chris Chew? He brought me there ... anyway, I like your bro's work, especially 'Crook' and 'Shoot the Malaysian'. Eh, Jon's 'The King of Fruits' is not bad too... :p

ahsv said...

heya.. nice blog! thought u looked familiar.. hehe

audreytmv said...

What's up with the froggies? I like my Kermit but damn, you've got a lot of frog-related stuff!

By the way, saw Sepet at the San Francisco International Film Festival and of course, like most Malaysians overseas - I loved it!

I was actually googling for the meaning of the Sam Hui song used in Sepet, and your blog turned up! Small world!

I have a question - your Hokkien sounded a lil' strange in the film, do you really speak Hokkien?

Jack Naka said...

Cool blog you have going here, I will check in often! I have a similar site about fashion movie. It pretty much covers fashion movie related stuff.



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