Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Froggie tank About a week ago...i bought a new little froggie for my tank.It's a clawed frog and though it sounds ferocious it's actually a very reserved water frog that just waddles around...
At only about an inch in size,I was initially a little worried about letting him run free in my frog tank with it's other inhabitants that could digest crickets its size but after some thought I decided that it should be relatively safe as my other specimens are tree frogs and peat frog which does not hunt in water and this little froggie only stays in water. I had great joy watching my frogs in the tank though it's a little annoying that frogs are largely nocturnal which means they sleep by day and wake by night which makes observation a little more difficult and the tank less interesting by day or when the lights are on.

Other than that I throughly enjoy my little biosphere of a tank with a little dry sand area for burrowing,a little shallow water where the frog could waddle and some open water for swimming.Watching frogs give me a great serenity and allows me for a moment to escape pollution both physical and emotional that comes with my city living...I encourage anyone to do the same and keep rather than eat froggies.


chai said...

Where do you get your frogs(the real one's ) from?

penny said...

wow u really like frogs eh? hhaha eee i don't even dare touch em :X

Anonymous said...

do you have to clean the tank often? how do you maintain it?

Linus Linnaeus said...

Chai,have you walked into a petshop lately? U could get frogs,lizards, snakes etc!
I acquire my pets by purchasing, catching them from the wild and having them given to me from friends...but if you do not know how to tame an animal I do not suggest you catch them from the wild cause they could

a)not eat and die
b)injure themselves by being frantic from being caught and die
c)give you a piosonous bite and you die

If you have an understanding of the workings of nature, how bacteria breaks down waste and stuff and use filtration to stimulate that environment, maintainance work is an ease, say once a week? but it's fun to clean up the tank and refresh's part of the hobby. One note though...the frogs really irrate me by uprooting my plants when burrowing...cheers


XMOCHA! said...

your froggie so cute.. remind me to get u to go frogging ok?

Cheers, SM

* Dream Weaver * said...

Your love for froggies makes me smile =)and yeah your new froggie looks like an albino one. Wanted to get one too... but I don't think my tortoise would be too happy sharing its tank (The tortoises are attention seekers...hehehe!)

keep up your frogging... so nice to see someone love animals (in your case froggies) so much.

tiada-lagi said...
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tiada-lagi said...

Eee...i cant stand frogs. Btw, cute stools. to watch the froggie

kekure said...

i swa a man selling frogs at the night market near my place.they were big!yucks!
anyway,have fun with ur frogs



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