Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Last week I was covering Zoukfest at Genting Highlands. In between whatever else, I was working on a research paper for University Malaysia Sarawak on Film Funding in Malaysia to add some academic work into my life…then in midweek; I had to go through a rigorous prep process for a commercial to lens on Sunday.

I told a friend I don’t have free time. My friend responded that we all have free time. I thought…hmm…

I have been really busy lately. I didn’t have time to do normal stuff like read (aside from time in the loo), workout, take walks at Taman Tun ( I am a pebble walk junkie) or do anything other than work which is to entertain to a client’s needs and execute video productions for them, be it an infomercial, a corporate video or a video coverage of an event. Am not complaining, these work does pay the bills and allow me to chase my dreams in films and spend on whimsical fancies but sometimes you do feel like asking the question why? WHY?

At times, I do feel that at this young age, this is the time for one to work hard and struggle but at times I do wish to have a more laid back life of going out and sharing time with friends at parties. Then again, sometimes I feel I don’t work hard enough and utilize the opportunities that I have been afforded by a stable loving working class family. I don’t have the shackles of having to worry about working my ass off supporting an ailing mother or to support my siblings because I don’t have a father, a situation some friends that I know endure with a brave face…so I really should not complain and be able to fly free.

So to work or not to work and am I doing my best? What is my best? And will I burn out if I work too hard? Reach your potential! What is that limit that I can go and what is my potential? I remember having read that life is not a sprint but a marathon and that I should pace myself. Every rubberband has a snapping point when its maximum stretch has been reached.

But sometimes modern life do make you feel stressed to work harder and make something of yourself to attain mainly wealth which directly links to status and to some satisfaction often forgetting the other joys of having time to yourself, your friends and your soul. An interesting point to look at it would be to look at ants…they work so hard and yet their ‘work’ is so futile in our eyes…think how God would look at us if we work really hard and forget our gifts of life.

Work is about having the means to afford your life and it would be stupid to forget life for work. Now am I forgetting life for work?


tiada-lagi said...

how true what u just said..

Joanne said...

i think work should be your passion...something u enjoy doing and getting paid for it!
otherwise, work will just be something you do to fulfil at least your basic needs in life, it does not define who you are or who you strive to be.

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