Sunday, March 27, 2005

Malaysia Muhibah Network Ryze Malaysia!

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Linus Linnaeus said...

*posted on behalf of Dadhyanna Tan*

the 2 pics looked great linus. It was certainly a wonderful mixer this time round...With surprises,..pleasant ones and of course a wonderful presence by both the regular ryzers as well as those who decided to check out the mixers for the first time!

Flying in from Kota Kinabalu was BB Adam and the moment she walked in, was like WOW!!!BB!!!! YOU ARE HERE!!!

Then just as we were about to leave the function room,....out walks Linus cool as ever and those around went wild....Linus got to meet his "malay girl with sarong" hehehehe....and well,...Gerald got the whole group in bouts of laughter when emcee LAA-LAA(hope I got the name right) came out in his cute attire. emcee BAI(spelling right??) was another funny guy,....what with his "purple sarong" (yes!yes! Navin....m sure he ain't that lucky yet! hahahahhhahaaha) and funny talk...

And indeed a special occasion...Long missed ryzers like Michelle, Gordon, Asif, Jillian, Amanda, (am sorry if i left your name out)were present and it was good to catch up with them. Michelle was so lovely in the lace white top and yes! Michelle you look fantastic.

Asif, are one cool dude and we shall miss you.

DJ Kevin Chand really got the room taking on the dance floor in full swing. i heard there was an ad-hoc class going on as well...hahahaa

Emily, Mark and all the others who put in tons of effort to make this mixer happen,....kudos and salute! You every contribution really made the night a night to remember...

Apologies for not being able to attend to the "teh-tarik" session thereafter.

And the next Mixer will be held on April 30th. Those who wish to organise this upcoming mixer, do please PM moi and let's keep ryzing!!

Hugs to all wherever you may be

Have a wonderful Monday and a wonderful week ahead.

*posted on behalf of Dadhyanna Tan*



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