Wednesday, March 16, 2005

yap yap yap blah blah blah...

I just got back from doing an interview for Shortcuts, a new tv show for an Astro channel by REDcommunications.How it went? Well first the host when yap,yap,yap then I went blah,blah,blah and we kept at it until our time slot is usual...adding to the clutter of opinions, views and thoughts that already clog up our sad cursed lives in this contemporary world :p


lin_melon said...

Lishen's site/blog/bigjumbleofnonsense hehehehe.

lin_melon said...

Oh yeah, btw Linus, when you do get around to asking Kak Yasmin for her autograph for my mag when she gets back from France. Another favour can? My fren is a huge fan of hers and wants one too.
Can arr Linus. Can kan?



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