Thursday, March 24, 2005

Praising our bosses and clients! : P

A friend See Ming set up an impromptu gathering of friends for me to shoot a day in her was one of those time where you had food,drinks,good company, new friends and have so much fun going blah blah blah.... sharing experiences.....praising our respective bosses and clients! : P


narrowband said...

Linus Chung? I enjoyed your movie tremendously! It was good - I didn't feel left out a bit despite being among the few chinese in the cinema at that time, watching it.

I was bloghopping and found your site. Almost couldn't believe my eyes. Loved your acting. Well done!

Congrats, too on Sepet's success (esp on the recent award).

I actually blogged about my experience on Watched Sepet Already?. I think I had praised you alil more than others, but hey, that was composed on the day I returned from the movie!


muffiemommy said...

Wow... didn't expect the picture to come out so fast!

Anyway, enjoyed a good evening with u guys =)


Bren said...

eh narrowband was here too =) *waves* halo! anyway linus, thanks for coming by, i hope you don't mind that i linked you.. =) anyway, gol n gincu.. the one with melissa maureen, is it? i was an extra in the classroom, lol..

def-unct said...

Lobak was with narrowband in the cinema *grins*

Linus, the movie was great *smiles*
Anyway, great blog you've got here. Seems like you love frogs, huh? I freak out at the sight of real life frogs, but that froggy you've got on your blog looks "pretty". Lol!!

Anyway, Sepet's a good movie. Keep acting !!

Bren said...

oops. wrong movie. i was an extra in some other movie. hehe =P too many la

Pick Yin said...

Hi, this is Pick Yin. Got your link from Yasmin's.

XMOCHA! said...

hi Linus, thanks for posting the pic!!

Hugs, See Ming



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