Friday, March 25, 2005

a place called Zouk... year in malaysia...URBAN BAROQUE!

a summary of it all...firstly...I was in zouk on good friday, so much for resolutions of becoming a good Catholic again for the year 2005! As so I don't get condemned to hell, the world better not end soon! But I was working handling the 3 video coverage of the event and I was not drinking ( I never drink ) I guess in someways I was carrying my cross.

Infact I was so tired and so immersed in my work, I dissed a fairy (a friend) who came over to say hi...needless to say, I felt guilt...worried about losing a fairy I called and tried to find her later...she said she's downstairs I said I was upstairs so ironically she tried to find me after I called and I did the same. In the dark and crowd...we went in circles.I stumbled onto her only much later in the DJ console area...she was contorting into all sorts of funny position trying to take her pictures with an interesting frame...I admired her relentless search for the picture despite holding what's possibly the smallest of digital cameras...she held it with pride and showed a flare in what she did...we exchanged hugs and chatted awhile...probably misinterpreting one another as the room was way over the reccommended decibels... I asked she(fairy likes partying and works covering events)endures this senseless senses bashing everynight...I'd die...she smiles.

Zouk launch was pretty good but all too brief. The direction of the deco and ideas like the camouflaged 'invisible' men scaring people on the way in were cool and all but it's over in like minutes...and they looked like they were rushing to blow out the candles on the cake...

I stayed on until up to about 2am trying to get more shots and giving my clients...zouk themselves more shots for their money.Then I caught wind of an impending I decided to go...wouldn't be funny to have my camera consficated...but was asked by the clients to cover some more shots inside...
I did it with a little reluctance especially so when the client says the rumour of a raid is 95% true... but ah well...commitment...going back in like 15 minutes later...the crowded hall was empty so there's nothing to be shot and I can go...went for a meal and chatted awhile with crew...then drove pass zouk again...there were police units outside with canines...glad I left or the client probably lose all their images aswell.

...A Happy Birthday Zouk...

*cough*cough* zouk air not suited to frogs!


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